HIDING SCAM: Profits Bots review

Profits Bots reviewIn this review we warn against the Profits Bots scam that is going after your money.

Profits Bots is a suite of two trading robots that allegedly are based on artificial intelligence. They supposedly earn 20 to 40% every month. More robots for other markets are in the making.

They say you can start earning with the robots right away, you just have to deposit money. But don’t do it, because…

Profits Bots is a scam

Trading Bots testimonial20 to 40 % per month and a referral program where you can earn thanks to deposits by people your brought into the system. This really screams scam!

In real world’s economy it is not possible to consistently make tens of percent per month. We’ve reviewed more than a thousand scams and they all were offering returns this impossibly high or even higher.

Illegal system

Anonymous sellerOne important thing that you should know is that trading robots are in most countries considered to be an investment product.

This means they are subject to regulation and their sellers need to have an authorization. But Profits Bots is an anonymous product, the seller does not provide any real contact information. It is clear that is not regulated, which makes it an illegal system.

How it works

Based on our review it is clear that Profits Bots is a scam. Either they just collect money and don’t pay anything, or they might be operating as a Ponzi scheme, which means they will by honoring some firs withdrawal requests, but they will use money from deposits for that.

In any case there are no profitable robots working behind the scenes, just a scam scheme that is doomed to collapse and lose all the money that is in the system.


Profits Bots is a scam, the offer is ridiculous and it cannot make you the money that is promised. Stay away from it.

If you want to see how much you can really earn in trading, try a free demo with a regulated and test with virtual money.

You have to first become profitable on demo, only then you try trading with real money.

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