HILARIOUS SCAM: Eagle Rock Global review

Eagle Rock GlobalRead this review to understand that Eagle Rock Global (ERG) is a total scam that will make a lot of money disappear.

The website of Eagle Rock Global is very confusing, it looks like a product of an automatic translator, a lot of texts don’t make any sense. It seems that it is supposed to be a crowdfunding platform that will allow people to launch their campaigns and/or digital coins to get money for their projects.

An investment into ERG will supposedly generate you up to 0.5% daily.

Eagle Rock Global scam

We examined ERG and find out that it is a scam. There are several giveaways.

Firs of all, we found no trace of real project being run on the Eagle Rock Global platform. There is no public blockchain or cryptocurrency of this name. There is no crypto mining operation, there is no proof of any legit business activity.

Suspicious earnings

Impossible profits0.5% might not seem like a lot to you, but in the real world it is a lot. 15% per month is a huge number to achieve on a consistent basis and we are sure that Eagle Rock Global cannot do that, at least not in a legit way.

ERG seems to be conceived as a Ponzi scheme that will just recycle money that people deposit in until the system dies because of a lack of new money coming in.

Fake team

The team is unrealWe researched the Eagle Rock Global team and we could not find any information about people that are allegedly behind this project.

A closer look reveals ridiculous names like Hazel Nutt or a man with a female name (Theresina), which shows that the team is fake. Just a set of random pictures with a set of random names.

Fake certificate

Fake company certificateLast but not least, ERG claims to be incorporated in the British Virgin Islands and licensed by the local regulator FSC.

But it is not true, we checked the Financial Services Commission and as you can see on our picture, ERG Group is not an authorized company, the certificate is obviously fake.


Eagle Rock Global is not a legitimate platform, it is a scam that plays illegal games with money, stay away from it!

If you want to try to make money in cryptocurrency trading, start on a free demo with a regulated broker.

You have to build a solid strategy and understand the risk before eventually trading with real money.

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