HILARIOUS SCAM: Kryptonex Research Group and Sweden’s Coin review

Kryptonex Research Group official webIn this review we explain that Kryptonex and Sweden’s Coin are a scam that is made to steal your money.

Kryptonex Research Group claims that they have been chosen by Sweden to promote their national cryptocurrency. According to the presentation Sweden is going to be the first country to adopt a single cryptocurrency.

Now you are supposed to make money by buying the Sweden’s coin, because it will rise in value. Really?

Kryptonex scam

Kryptonex Research Group and Sweden’s coin are an incredible and hilarious scam. Here is why.

Kryptonex Research Group

First of all, Kryptonex Research Group is a fictitious entity, there is no group nor company of this name.

Scammers just made it up for their story, but it is fake, empty, there is nothing.

Sweden’s Coin

Fake testimonialsThe lie about Sweden’s Coin is even bigger. Sweden nor any other country in this world has decided to adopt a national cryptocurrency. This is a fact, period.

In fact, Kryptonex will not even try to sell this fictitious coin, they will just try to make you trade other cryptocurrencies. Continue reading.

How it really works

How they will get your moneyThe true aim of Kryptonex Research Group is to make you deposit money with a non-regulated broker. The reason is obvious, people who run this scam are getting paid by this shady broker for referring new depositing clients.

And be sure that if you deposit with Kryptonex, you will lose your deposit very quickly and never see it again.


Kryptonex Research Group and Sweden’s Coin are a scam full of lies, they want your money, so stay away!

If you want to try to make money in trading real cryptocurrencies, start on a free demo with a regulated broker.

This way you will avoid fake coins and fake trading systems.

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