HILARIOUS SCAM: Kryptonex Research Group and Sweden’s Coin review

Kryptonex Research Group official web

In this review we explain that Kryptonex and Sweden’s Coin are a scam that is made to steal your money.

Kryptonex Research Group claims that they have been chosen by Sweden to promote their national cryptocurrency. According to the presentation Sweden is going to be the first country to adopt a single cryptocurrency.

Now you are supposed to make money by buying the Sweden’s coin, because it will rise in value. Really?

Kryptonex scam

Kryptonex Research Group and Sweden’s coin are an incredible and hilarious scam. Here is why.

Kryptonex Research Group

First of all, Kryptonex Research Group is a fictitious entity, there is no group nor company of this name.

Scammers just made it up for their story, but it is fake, empty, there is nothing.

Sweden’s Coin

Fake testimonialsThe lie about Sweden’s Coin is even bigger. Sweden has not decided to adopt a national cryptocurrency (nor any other country in this world, for that matter). This is a fact, period.

In fact, Kryptonex will not even try to sell this fictitious coin, they will just try to make you trade other cryptocurrencies. Continue reading.

How it really works

How they will get your moneyThe true aim of Kryptonex Research Group is to make you deposit money with a non-regulated broker. The reason is obvious, people who run this scam are getting paid by this shady broker for referring new depositing clients.

And be sure that if you deposit with Kryptonex, you will lose your deposit very quickly and never see it again.


Kryptonex Research Group and Sweden’s Coin are a scam full of lies, they want your money, so stay away!

If you want to try to make money in trading real cryptocurrencies, start on a free demo with a regulated broker.

This way you will avoid fake coins and fake trading systems.

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29 thoughts on “HILARIOUS SCAM: Kryptonex Research Group and Sweden’s Coin review

  1. I have just paid in £250, as they rang me immediately and through charm etc I paid in the money.Had bad feeling then as they have asked me for proof of address and photocopy of credit card with first 12 numbers blocked off, plus driving licence. rang bank and card stopped but I do not know if I will get a refund. First site was called CCXio and then coins247. Any advice on getting a refund?

    1. Ask your bank for a chargeback on your deposit, since you used a credit card, the payment can be reversed.

  2. I was just about to buy some when I called my friend in the Swedish media. He told me to stay will away. This is shocking how long they can run these fraud companies and sites for. The Swedish government should go after them and the internet companies should be fined for having the sites not taken down. Once there profits go down and shareholder take loss in their dividends these companies will get them off ASAP.

  3. This Swedish crypto currency add was on sky news. Too good to be true 😂 I don’t part with money easily 😂

  4. Why does Yahoo allow anyone to advertise on the Site, without checking them out first

  5. Strongly advice anyone who’s encountered this kryptonex research group to STAY AWAY FROM IT. This is a scam based in south Africa. The domain of the website is coinpro.exchange. The fake account managers will phone you once you’ve registered an account with them and they will harass you to transfer money to them. First, only 200 pound as a fee to make your account viable; then it is followed by roughly 1000 to 2000 pound for further ‘investment’. Finally, they ask you to take a photo of your debit/credit card and provide them with proof of residency. The whole thing is dodgy. Do not ever transfer money to them to begin with. Even if you’re lured into transferring money to them; PHONE YOUR BANK IMMEDIATELY BECAUSE YOUR BANK MIGHT BE ABLE TO STOP IT. I’m speaking as a victim of this fraud from ‘kriptonex research group’. They might sound legitimate to begin with, but just don’t believe them at all. Also, I got to know this dodgy kryptocurrency from a website producing fake news: econ-trends-explained.com/swedens-new-referendum-will-bring-about-change-in-way-populace-pays-taxes/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIkOHp043A3QIVsxXTCh1yeQzYEAEYASAAEgI3hPD_BwE
    Do not believe in this news!

  6. Why do people blame the victims? Scam sounds like a board game for all the family. If we called scams what they really are fraud perhaps people would stop blaming the victim. The law should shut these criminals down.

  7. Just had a news post giving me the impression that it was a newspost on Bloomberg stating that Sweden was going to adapt the kryptonex crypto currency.
    Went over the the real Bloomberg site and did not find the same news post.
    Thank you for this page! Saved me loosing $$$$!!!

  8. Total CON I foolishly gave my CC details for a payment of £250. Very shortly afterwards I rang my CC to try and stop the payment as I had a bad feeling,they could not stop it. Not happy with this I called them again 15 mins later my card details had been used to pay a hotel bill of £273 I was referred to the fraud department they cancelled my credit card and agreed to reimburse me.since then I been plagued with calls from them which I don’t answer.
    Avoid them at all costs total con artists.

  9. Within seconds of entering my phone number I received 11 phone calls from these scammers immediately made me suspicious blocked them immediately!

  10. Hi everyone.
    I had to make a comment since if anyone with a brain thought that this was genuine based on some random ad.

    F..uck u deserve to be scammed.

    The scammers and fraudsters, ad platforms , ICO issuers and brokers, exchanges and miners are making money. Their margins are baked into their business model.
    It is retail investors that always get f…ucked .

    So stop getting f.sucked . use or f..ucking brains first and or bank account last.

    1. Nobody ‘deserves’ to be scammed or ripped off. Yes, there are plenty of people who want a quick dollar but hey, that doesn’t mean there should be someone willing to break the law to take their moneyp

  11. I don’t think I am super intelligent but saw through this pathetic scam within 15 seconds of opening the page. People who fall for things like this will be ripped off all their lives and probably never learn. They are the first reason why scams exist.
    The second are the greedy irresponsible advertising platforms that accept revenue from the scum who place the adds.

  12. As a fact Sweden has decided that it wants to cut back on electronic transfers like credit/debit cards and use more in cash as the government have said this style of transaction is at risk of cyberattacks. Also the Swedish government have not endorsed any crypto currency as of yet and most likely not to either.

  13. I just impulsively deposited £200 in Kryptonexgroup.com If is a scam
    how can I get my money back

    1. I just tried to deposit $250 but my bank blocked it thanks commonwealth Bank

  14. And how do potential victims learn about Kryptonex Research Group and this fantastic investment opportunity ? From the advertisement carried by the most respectable Coindesk website. People have been scammed and lost a lot of money, thinking Kryptonex is endorsed by Coindesk. Coindesk was informed of this scam being advertised on their website but the advertisement has not been removed. It is still there.

    What does it say about Coindesk ?

    1. You need to check if it’s the real pages you get news from

      It has stolen the logo from the true COINDESK:
      You can see that if you open both side by side:

      If you click on the COINDESK logo in the scam page you will not get the real coindesk
      But the scam site: kryptonexresearch.com

  15. If it’s regulated, it doesn’t mean you’re avoiding scams. Just that the risk you’re taking decreases.

    1. All crypto currencies are not regulated and therefore are classed s scams whether they are or not genuine.

      1. This is not true, cryptocurrencies are not scams per se. A lot of them are, but Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and some other are not scams, they are genuine with a real purpose.

        1. Seriously..?? LMFAO @JohnNovak

          XRP Ripple is the BIGGEST crypto scam going.
          1: It is NOT a CryptoCoin
          2: it has NO blockchain and
          3: it is NOT decentralized.
          don’t drink the Cool Aid and believe all of the BS that MSM spout lol…

          If ANYONE wants Crypto, BUY BITCOIN ONLY!!!

          1. I appreciate your comment, but you are completely wrong:

            1) The XRP Ledger is a blockchain. It processes transactions in blocks that are cryptographically secured and linked together, which is a definition of a blockchain (https://developers.ripple.com/intro-to-consensus.html)

            2) Since XRP is the native currency of the XRP Ledger (blockchain), it is by definition a cryptocurrency.

            3) The XRP Ledger is decentralized. Ripple currently runs only 4% of all public validators, the rest is run by all sorts of different entities (individuals, universities, entreprises…) (https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/validators), which makes it more decentralized than Bitcoin or Ethereum, that are controlled by 3 to 4 biggest Chinese miners (see studies made by researchers from different US universities: https://arxiv.org/abs/1801.03998 or https://arxiv.org/pdf/1810.02466.pdf)

            If you want to bother with some other FUD, please first check https://fudbingo.com.

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