HIPSTER SCAM: Pipster FX review

In this PipsterFX we analyze this Forex trading signals service which claims that it can make you rich.

Pipster FX reviewPipster FX supposedly will provide you with trading signals for you to execute on your Forex account and make money. This service allegedly never had a losing month and will make you at least 300 pips in a week and up to 2000+ pips in a month.

The trading signals cost 45 USD per month, although you can get a rebate if you buy a 3-month or 6-month package.

Pipster FX scam

PlansYou really don’t even need to test the signals to see that it is a scam. Let’s do some basic math at the beginning of this Pipster FX review.

2000 pips per month mean $20,000 per month with just one traded lot. With a leverage of 1:30 than you can get with any broker you need just $3,333 to be able to trade one lot.

Therefore, Pipster FX wants you to believe that you can make 600% per month with its signals for just $45 per month. Will you believe it? You should not, it is an absolute nonsense!

The best investment funds in the world won’t make 600% in one year, let alone in one month. You often need to be a millionaire in order to be accepted in the best funds in the world, but with PipsterFX you will get world’s best trading performance for $45 monthly? It is totally ridiculous.

PipsterFX scamShould this program work as advertised, it would make you a millionaire in no time, in less than a year. Should it be real, media all over the world would be talking about it.

But in reality PipsterFX is anonymous and nobody talks about it. Why? Because it is a scam that certainly cannot deliver what it promises.

This is the reality you have to accept, it is impossible to regularly make 2000 pips per month in Forex trading. Anybody promising you anything like that is a scammer, period.

PipsterFX review conclusion

Unfortunately, Pipster FX is just another scam that promises you the moon, but it will just take your money. Stay away from it!

See on a free demo account how financial trading really works and what the possibilities are. Forget about picking out all bottoms and highs in the charts, nobody can do that. Any consistent profitability is a big achievement.

And don’t forget that in trading you can make, but also lose money, so be careful.

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