HOPELESS SCAM: EnoBitco review

Our research and review show that Enobitcoin is not an investment program that you should contemplate.

Enobitco reviewEnobitco is an investment company that is trading cryptocurrencies. At least it is what they say on their website.

The offer is that you deposit money with them, they will use it for trading and pay you profits. They allegedly can double your money every day. There are several investment plans, but paradoxically the shortest one is the most lucrative with 205% after only one day. We assume that the deposit is included.

So, is it worth the risk?

EnoBitco scam

Enobitco scamNo, EnoBitco is not worth the risk, because it is a financial scam. Firstly, we find it funny that that they say the company is registered in the Seychelles, because even if it was true, it would mean absolutely nothing, because it is a country with almost no financial regulation.

Secondly, the only real important thing you need to look at are the investment plans. They promise you to double your money every day, which means 3000% in on month, compounding effect excluded.

This is such a ridiculous number and promise that there is absolutely no doubt that Enobitco is a scam. There just is not any other possibility, because no legitimate business can double your money every day.

In fact, no business in this world can double money every day. Scams like this one promise it, but they cannot deliver it, because it is impossible. They will pull out a Ponzi scheme to run at least for a few days, they will use newer deposits to pay out older profits, but this dirty trick cannot work for more than a few days.

Therefore, Enobitco is a total scam that you should avoid, is not even worth considering.

Enobitco review conclusion

Enobitco is a fraudulent investment program that is going to lose a lot of money, stay away from it!

If you are interested in making money in investing, get a free demo with a regulated broker and test with virtual money to see what the possibilities are.

You have to build yourself a proper strategy and understand the risks before investing real money.

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