HORRENDOUS SCAM: BotPlus365 review

botplus365In this review we prove that BotPlus365 is a binary options scam that is designed to lose your money. It is presented by Jay Ross.

Ross claims that Bot Plus 365 is an automated software for trading binary options that has been created by a Japanese trader called Jiro Hakamoto. Bot Plus 365 can allegedly make you $1,000 per day on autopilot.

And the program is of course free, because money is free in this world, isn’t it?

Bot Plus 365 scam

ScammerLet’s put it straight, Jay Ross is a fictitious character created by scammers. This person does simply not exist and BotPlus365 is a scam.

You see, BotPlus365 exists in several languages and each time there is another fictitious person behind it. Look at the picture, in German it is Jan Smid.


testimonialsIn the BotPlus365 video you can see some testimonials with people saying how much money they are making with this program. But these testimonials are fake.

They were made with paid actors. Look at the proof on the picture, this guy is a Fiverr actor, anybody can hire him for 5 dollars to endorse any scam you want.

Another important thing you can see on the image is that the testimonial has been taken from another binary options scam called Binary Reserve System. This scam uses the same story, so they obviously are connected.

The software

bot plus 365 softwareWe also had a look at the Bot Plus 365 app that is supposed to trade your account and make you money.

And we have immediately recognized a famous scam app that has been designed and used by scammers only. Look at the picture, for example Lazy Millionaire and Maximus Profits scams use exactly the same software.

People are losing money with this app, we have a lot of feedback from real users.

The truth

Now it is the time to explain how BotPlus365 really works. Its only purpose is to make you open an account and deposit money with a broker that scammers are affiliated with, because it will earn them an affiliate commission.

Their trading software is worthless and if you let it trade your account, it will lose your money. Simple as that.


Bot Plus 365 is a recycled scam that is made to lose your money that you will be forced to deposit with a selected broker, so stay away from it.

Making money with binary options is not free, you first have to learn trading on a demo account.

Only then you can start trading with real money for real profits. Binary options are easy to understand, but they still require some time, learning and effort to achieve success.

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