HORRENDOUS SCAM – Cash Formula review

CF FilesThis Cash Formula review is a warning about a binary options scam presented by Tim Stafford.

Stafford tells a long story about him achieving success in online trading by using a secret loophole.

He has built a binary options trading software on it that allegedly made him rich. He called it the Cash Formula.

The loophole was allegedly discovered by scammers and called CF files.

And no surprise, you can get this software and become a millionaire for free. But you have to hurry, because free spots are limited, because rich people are trying to stop Stafford from sharing his Cash Formula with you. That’s it for fairy tales.

Cash Formula scam

Tim Stafford scammerScammers have a bad habit of making long videos and provide no real information in them. Cash Formula is no different.

Stafford tells a lot of BS, nothing else. It is a mix that uses materials about manipulations with interest rates and Forex prices together with Panama Papers. Total nonsense.

In reality Tim Stafford does not exist, in the video you can see just a paid actor reading a script, that’s all. And to make the fun complete, he points his finger to other binary options scams and says how disgusted he is.


Testimonials are fakeThe Cash Formula website is full of fake testimonials. This is the usual procedure of scammers, they hire a bunch of actors willing to sell their souls for a few bucks.

So these people are lying in front of the camera and reading a script about fake earnings with the program.

In reality these people have not even seen the Cash Formula app.

They will take your money

Mandatory depositStafford keeps stressing how scammers end up by taking your money. But he forgets to say that the entire Cash Formula project is designed to do exactly the same thing.

How do they do that? When you sign up, they push you deposit money with FMTrader, which is a binary options broker from Belize. And that basically means unregulated with no right whatsoever to provide services to US or EU residents.

So a guy from Miami pushing you to deposit money with FMTrader is doing an illegal thing.

Mandatory depositMaybe you saw his annoying pop-up appearing every time you move the mouse out of his web page. He is literally begging you to stay on his web site and sign up.

He promisses $100,000 in free cash if you stay. Would a man offering you free millions do that? Of course not. You will never see a single cent from him.

The truth is that they will make you lose money with their software. But they will earn money on you, because they are affiliated with FMTrader, so they will get paid an affiliate commission for making you deposit money with this broker.

Now you see how the Cash Formula Scam works.


Let’s close this Cash Formula review by saying that it is a simple scam designed to make money to scammers and to lose your money, so stay away from it.

The truth is that you can make money with binary options, but not with a free system, because free profitable systems don’t exist.

Successful traders build their own strategies that make them money and don’t share them with other people. You can try binary options trading on a free demo to see how it works.

Then you’ll see if you are able to achieve real profits.

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14 thoughts on “HORRENDOUS SCAM – Cash Formula review

  1. FM Trader is to be avoided, my family member has lost $20,000, it is stuck in an account in Belize, another $120,000 was nearly invested had another family member not walked in a put a complete stop to what was happening.
    FM Trader gained remote access to the family member’s PC and had this gullible family member log into their bank account and after a lot of “grooming”, they convinced them to invest the cash (which was hard earned retirement cash earned from working very hard) and do the internet transfers. I am trying to find a way to recover the $20,000 from the Belize account but I think it is a lost cause. BEWARE of FM Trader.

  2. Going thru the article and the comments it seems that Cash Formula is a Scam fact already establish. As for the broker I did some research based on EU Regulatory and some other licenses. Found some mixed reviews but not solid enough to convict. More on Warnings and speculations about the broker. Regarding Regulation and Security, I went ahead and did a research on the top Binary Option brokers that are regulated (24 Option, IQ Option, Opteck an GOption) most of this broker have warnings from various regulators and countries as well. With that I guess its just a matter of who you do trades with, how well you pick them and learn how to trade. I know people trading with those brokers and some with this broker. They all have their rants.

    1. The thing is that FMtrader cannot get warnings from regulators because it is not regulated, nobody oversees what FMtrader does. The fact is that unregulated brokers cannot legally offer services in the US, EU, Australia and many other countries. The fact is that if FMtrader closes doors, nobody will give you your money back. The fact is that if a regulated broker goes bankrupt, the regulator will pay you your money back. The fact is that regulated brokers are under scrutiny, from withdrawals to price feeds, and unregulated brokers are not.

  3. I never knew that there is something like this happening that will push you to deposit in FMtrader. However, maybe someone is just using the name FMtrader, because this is well known to traders. As of now, I am still trading with FMtrader but never experience any hassle. I’ll ask this one to their customer service.

  4. surprised with this review about Cash Formula..if this is true, its a desperate marketing strategy for them..however, i’m a bit confused with the mentioned broker here (FMTrader), is this true? because i’m from Netherlands and i trade with them for months now, and in my opinion they are quite a good broker compared to my previous brokers that i dealt with.

    1. Hi, FMTrader is not regulated in Europe. So not only FMTrader cannot legally offer binary options trading to EU citizens, moreover your money on your trading account is not protected. So I would withdraw my money and trade somewhere else.

      1. Hi John, thanks for your reply. But how come I had success on withdrawing my money with them for a couple of times now?

        1. I say quit while it is still working, because when problems arise, it will be too late. Unregulated brokers are not under control, they don’t answer to anybody and your money is not protected by the law.

          1. I appreciate your concern and understand the possible consequences mate. But i would like to personally stay with this broker since everything was working fine for me, and I am quite satisfied that i chose binary options as my secondary income.

  5. Never heard of Cash Formula but been trading with FMTrader for more than a year now and had some bumps but all were resolve and got my withdrawal after a week. I’ll have to do some research on the guy though. Thanks.

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