Horrendous scam review: Hoffman Stein and Nexus App

Hoffman Stein CapitalThis review contains proofs that “Hoffman Stein” and the “Nexus App” are scams.  They are presented by Anthony Henderson.

Henderson claims to be the CEO of Hoffman Stein Capital – the company that created the Nexus App for trading binary options. The Nexus App allegedly can make you $125,000 weekly, because it has no losing trades.

Now you can get the Hoffman Stein’s Nexus App for free (well, not really).

Hoffman Stein’s Nexus App is a scam

Let’s start with the Hoffman Stein Capital company. It does not exist. So you can guess that Anthony Henderson does not exist either. It is a fictitious character played by an actor.

You can do a research about Hoffman Stein on the Internet. You’ll find reviews of this program only, most of them are fake by the way. But no data about a real company.


pressSince the Hoffman Stein Company does not exist, articles shown in the video must be fake.

They indeed are fake, look at the picture on the right, The Wall Street Journal and LA Times have never published anything about it.


testimonialsSo what about testimonials of the Nexus App users? They are of course fake too. They were made with paid actors.

Look at the picture on the right, this Fiverr actor has supported many binary options scams.


guaranteeHenderson says in the video that Hoffman Stein guarantees you success with the Nexus App.

The funny thing is that they forgot the Free Money Guaranteed System seal on their guarantee, which is another binary options scam made by the same people.

Nexus App

Nexus AppA closer look at the Nexus App again proves that we are dealing with a scam.

The same software has been used by scams like The Money Glitch or Hedge Formula, look at the picture.

The truth

So how does Hoffman Stein’s Nexus App work? This project is designed to make deposit money with a certain broker, because it will earn a commission to the scammers. So it is not free, you won’t be allowed to use the software until you deposit your own money.

If you then trade your account with the Nexus App, you will lose money. Simple as that.


The Hoffman Stein’s Nexus App is a scam that abuses binary options to take money away from you, so don’t fall into their trap.

If you want to see how money is made in real binary options trading, try a free demo account. There you will understand how trading works and what you need to learn to make real money.

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