HORRIBLE SCAM: Bitcoin Miner of Dan Manson review

Learn in this Bitcoin Miner review that this mining program of Dan Manson is a pure scam.

Bitcoin Miner reviewAs its name suggests, Bitcoin Miner is supposed to be about bitcoin mining. It is a process during which computers solve difficult computing tasks and confirm transactions in the Bitcoin network. This process is rewarded with bitcoins that can be sold for fiat money.

Manson claims that his program will do just that in a way that can earn you $2000 to $15000 per day. And it will cost you nothing. Is it possible?!

Bitcoin Miner scam

Of course that it is not possible to make thousands of dollars per day doing nothing. Bitcoin Miner is a scam.

The fist thing you have realize is that bitcoin mining has been barely profitable for the last year. The reason is that hardware and electricity cost are too close if not higher than what you can sell the mined bitcoin for.

It has never been possible to make tens of percent per month or more in bitcoin mining. These are facts.

Dan Manson is a scammer

Dan Manson is a scammerDan Manson is the supposed creator of Bitcoin Miner, but he isn’t. It is just a random name with a stock photo, that’s all.

You can have a look at our picture and see that scammers made this character up just to give a storyline to their scam. But it is easy to expose them.

Bitcoin Miner reviews

Bitcoin Miner testimonialsIt is also very easy to expose the fake Bitcoin Miner reviews featured on its website. The social media posts were fabricated with stolen photos, you cannot click the profiles, everything is fake.

Everything you can see on the Bitcoin Miner website is fake, made up by people who run it.

The truth

The ugliest thing about the Bitcoin Miner scam is that it is not even mining cryptocurrencies! We did sign up for it to test it and what a surprise, we were asked to deposit money with a broker called Swiss Kapital Invest.

A broker will let you trade but not mine cryptocurrencies. But Swiss Kapital Invest is an unregulated broker that you should avoid, because your deposits would not be protected with it. And this is how scammers get your money, they cooperate with the broker to steal your savings.

Bitcoin Miner review conclusion

Bitcoin Miner is a horrible scam that wants to take your money and keep it. It does not mine cryptocurrencies. Stay away from it!

If you want to trade cryptocurrencies, start on a free demo with a regulated broker to see risk free how it works.

If you decide to trade with real money, be sure to understand that it carries certain risk. In real trading you have to use only money that you can afford to lose.

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