HORRIBLE SCAM: Commexx review

This Commexx review explains that the investment products of this company are a total scam.

Commexx reviewCommexx claims that it has created a peer-to-peer lending system that helps it to generate massive profits.

You can participate in its business, currently there are six investment products with daily returns as high as 6%. Can you more than double your month each month with this service?

Commexx scam

Commexx scamLet’s make it clear right at the beginning of our Commexx review, this service is not about lending, there is no real product, only an illegal financial game that is doomed to fail. In other words, Commexx is a dirty scam.

There is an easy way to see the truth, just look at the numbers. 6% daily means 180% per month, which is a totally ridiculous number. No legitimate business in this world can achieve such returns. In other words, when you see numbers like these, you know that you are dealing with a scam.

Illegal service

Commexx testimonialsOne important thing that has to mentioned in this Commexx review is that investment services are subject to regulation. And while Commexx International is a company registered in the UK, it is registered only since September and is not authorized to provide investment services.

As you can see on our picture, there is no trace of this company in the register of the Financial Conduct Authority, which is the national financial regulator in the United Kingdom. Therefore, Commexx is acting illegally.

How it really works

Commexx obviously is a Ponzi scheme. If you don’t know what it means, it works like this: people deposit money in the system and this very same money is used for some initial pay outs. Since no real profits or values are created, such systems always run out of money, it is only a matter of time.

These schemes are illegal and often prosecuted, which is one of the reasons to stay away from them.

Commexx review conclusion

Commexx is a horrible scam that can only lose your money, stay away from it!

If you are interested in real investing, try a free demo with a regulated broker to see how it looks like.

Remember that when investing real money, you can win, but also lose, so be careful and have a responsible strategy.

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