HORRIFIC SCAM: Cripto Robot review

Read our Cripto Robot review to understand that it is a horrible financial scam that you have to stay away from.

Cripto Robot reviewCripto Robot is an investment program that claims that you can easily make money with cryptocurrencies. The program is supposed to help you to earn a lot of money.

Since you can start using it for free, it could seem that you have nothing to lose. But it is not true.

Cripto Robot scam

FeaturesThe truth is that in investing there are no guarantees. When Cripto Robot says that you don’t need any experience and that cryptocurrencies are guaranteed to increase in price, it is a lie.

The robot is supposed to analyze price movements, generate trading signals and even trade for you. But don’t let it do so, because you would lose your money.

Cripto Robot testimonials

Cripto Robot testimonialsThe Cripto Robot’s website features testimonials of satisfied users, but they obviously are fake. Distorted photos, no names and fake stories about big profits.

People you see on those pictures are not real users of the systems, their stories are fake.

How it really works

The robot scamThe Cripto Robot software might be free, but when you sign up, they will tell you that you cannot start using it until you deposit at least $250 with a broker called Investous.

The reason behind it is very simple, people who run the Cripto Robot scam are getting paid by that broker for every depositor they refer. This is how they make money, they are affiliated with the broker and they just need you to deposit so that they earn their commission.

Their robot can then lose your money, because it won’t matter to them, they will already have earned their commission for referring you. This is how the Cripto Robot scam works.

Cripto Robot review conclusion

Cripto Robot is a scam, it is not a profitable software, it is a piece of crap, stay away from it!

If you want to make money in crypto trading, start on a free demo and learn your way to profits.

You have to understand how trading works and build a profitable strategy before investing real money.

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