HORRIFIC SCAM: Global Crypto APP true review

Global Crypto App reviewThis review brings you a real perspective about the nature of the Global Crypto App offer.

Global Crypto App has a very brief web presentation which only says that it is a trading app for cryptocurrencies and other financial assets.

The main feature supposedly is that it wins up to 95% of trades, although it is not specified with what risk to reward ratio. But they say it will bring you financial freedom and reviews suggest that you could multiply your money several times in a single month.

Global Crypto APP scam

Fake featuresIn reality Global Crypto App is one of many trading scams that will hide behind cryptocurrencies to steal your money.

You don’t need to be experienced in financial trading to see that this program is a scam, just use common sense. A trading app that can make you lots of money and it is free? Does it make any sense? Of course it doesn’t, because money is value, the opposite of free.

Unregulated software

Global Crypto App will tell you what and how to trade, which is considered to be an investment service. Most countries require such programs to have a licence from financial regulators.

But Global Crypto App is anonymous and unregulated, so in most countries it is illegal. Check with your national financial regulator to see that what we say is correct.

Fake reviews

Global Crypto APP testimonialsGlobal Crypto App is promoted by a network of fake review websites, so you will find several positive reviews of this program that are fake. This is because they are made by scammers who will earn money if you sign up.

Likewise, all the testimonials and reviews on the website of Global Crypto App are fake, people are not making money with it.

How they steal your money

Trading scamThe modus operandi of Global Crypto App is fairly simple. People who run it make money by referring new depositor to unregulated brokers like EverFX and Globalix, because they have partnered with them.

They need you to deposit money with one of their shady brokers, so that they earn their commission. Then they will make sure with their brokers that you don’t get anything back, your account will be wiped out sooner that you realize what is happening.


Global Crypto APP is a fairly ordinary scam that will push you to send money to a shady broker so that you lose it, don’t do it!

If you want to make money in financial trading, nobody will make you profits for free, you have to learn trading and build a profitable strategy. You can try it on a free demo with a regulated broker.

Don’t start trading with real money until you are familiar with the risks and know what you are doing.

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