HUGE SCAM: Analysed Options review

This review is a warning against the Analysed Options scam broker, it is a very dangerous entity.

Analysed Options reviewAnalysed Options claims to be a broker based in the US allowing its clients to trade binary options, Forex and spreads.

Most importantly the broker claims to be regulated in the US by the CFTC and in the UK by the FCA.

Analysed Options’ offer is very lucrative, you allegedly will earn up to 350% on your first investment, guaranteed. Does it look too good to be true?

Analysed Options scam

The truth is that Analysed Options is a horrible scam. First of all, in investing there never are guarantees. Whenever anybody is promising you guaranteed returns on investments with stocks or currencies, they are scammers. There always is a degree of risk associated to financial trading, that’s just the way it is.

Not regulated

Broker checkThe most important thing about Analysed Options is that the broker is lying about its regulatory status. Because it is not regulated in the US by CFTC nor in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority.

We made the research on the websites of the NFA and the FCA, you can do it too. You will find that there is no company named Analysed Options registered in these two countries.

This means that the broker is openly lying, which confirms that it is a scam. It also means that since it is not regulated, clients’ money is not protected in any way with this company.

It is extremely probable that Analysed Options is not even located in the United States, they just give a fake address. So, if you send them your money, they will never let you withdraw anything back and you will have a hard time even finding where did your money end up.

Fake awardsIt is critically important to completely stay from scam brokers like Analysed Options, they are here to just steal money from people, you cannot expect anything else from these unscrupulous companies.

Also worth mentioning, the broker displays on its websites fake awards that it did not win.

Analysed Options review conclusion

Analysed Options is a scam broker that is not regulated, its website is full of lies, it won’t make you any money. Stay away from it!

For financial trading you should always use only regulated companies and brokers. We also recommend always starting on a demo account and learning with virtual money.

Only when you are familiar with the risks and have your strategy ready, you can start trading with real money.

Service Type
Provider Name
Analysed Options,
8518 Rocky River St. Lufkin,Texas,United States-75904,
USA, Europe
Forex and binary options broker. Offers guaranteed returns up to 350% on the initial investment.

29 thoughts on “HUGE SCAM: Analysed Options review

  1. I have been scammed by XBTFX And was dealing with Robert Fx Jackson up to now I have paid an amount of 25000 dollars and was promised a 54000 dollars profit and that never happened as he is still demanding more money and the other platform that I used was worldfxtraders and was dealing with Espino Ceasar Roman who already demanded more than 9000 dollars and still demanding more and my profit on this was supposed to be 35000 dollars so be on the watch out for these individuals as they are not legit and are scammers

  2. This is very big froud… I pay all fees of company… even I pay company 25$ also… but this people are not send me my money…this Joshua is froud….

  3. I was promised returns of 400% on a minimum investment of $1000 which I was reasonable enough to ignore but the manager by the name of Catherine or Cathrione (catherine_pay_checks on Instagram) insisted I’ll be missing out. She even has many people on her Instagram page thanking her for her service. She looked legit so I initially invested $1000 to see for myself. I did so. I made $9000 in 14 days.
    I wanted to withdraw but apparently my account was suspended and I had to upgrade to a gold account costing an additional $5000 but I didn’t have that money so Catherine paid $3000 and I ended up paying the remainder i.e. $2000 to upgrade my account.
    On upgrading the invested amount skyrocketed to $50,000.. This time I made sure she effected the withdrawal but I had to pay an additional tax of $10,000/- before I could receive the withdrawal.
    I blatantly refused even though she still paid out $5000 out of the $10,000. The amount is still in the account but I have a feeling I may never get it even on payment of the remaining $5000.
    Will I ever get back my investment? What are my legal options?

  4. thanks for the info. I just lost 300$ but no more. Lets bring this asshole down. I am reporting him

  5. Does anyone on here know about any legit, regulated brokers that is not out to scam you out of your money?

  6. This is not a scam site it just depends on who you’re working with ie.. Account manager. They do require alot. But again it depends on the manager you work with.. See if you make over a certain amount i think $10,000 you have to pay the taxes

    1. It is a scam. And you never pay taxes to your broker, taxes always are your personal responsibility vis a vis your government.

  7. Oh! earn_with_jesse_allen is also using that 8518 Rocky River, St. Lufkin, Tx 75904 address. Its the only way I was able to finally see they were a scam.

  8. I sent @earn_with_jessica_allen on instagram $400 of bitcoin 4/27/2020 to do a quick trade on She asked me to open an account on the site and then watch my account grow. She says I cannot withdraw until 4 days. Im sure I will never see that money again but at least i learned valuable lesson. I know other to warn others. They are trying to get me to send $400 more dollars for a commission fee. Nope! I accept the loss. moving on.

  9. Roberto carslo scammed me I send him $100 because I really want my money back
    He block me and the other guy block me

  10. Hello in one of the chats I shared a phone number of a FBI dude who call him self fbi and I ask him proof that he is an FBI then he send me 3 selfies
    He send me an screenshot the the communications between me and you and then he blocked be on WhatsApp
    AND who can I ask advice about how can I report how can o with draw my profit

  11. I send $200 bitcoin to him
    This was his wallet adres
    Tomorrow is day 7 and he want $300 more
    Before I can get trading back
    How can I report him
    He gives my number to someone who says he is an FBI to make sure everything is good and not scammers
    I ask this fbi dude proof that he is an fbi and he send me 3 photos of him self
    This is his phone number +1 (619) 558-2351
    Can I report them to the fbi because they use fbi name to scammed us

    1. I’m sorry but if you sent him bitcoins, such a transaction is impossible to reverse. Certainly don’t send him more money, it would be lost too. For sure you can and probably should report him.

    2. Hi there the FBI dude complains to me and he send a screenshot of me chatting with you and he block me now so how will I know if I going to get my money today
      Mr Roberto replay to me his going to pay me
      Did you make contact with the fbi dude

  12. I tried
    it ask all detail
    But there is no send or proceed
    when I want to send the money or bitcoin money to my wallet

  13. Roberto Carslo send me this link:
    I got $200 bitcoin and I se d it to him for 5 days in UniontradeFX it show my balance is $3010 but mr Roberto want $300 more because he say UniontradeFX will not allowed me to make a withdraw before before I pay the exstra $300
    I need help

    1. Don’t send them more money, there is no reason, it is an unregulated broker, I’m afraid it’s a scam. Normal brokers don’t ask for more money when you want to withdraw.

      1. Do you know about any legit, regulated brokers that is not out to scam you out of your money?

        1. There is plenty of legit and regulated brokers. Just check with any broker that it is licensed for your country. And profitable trading is mostly about your strategy, not about the broker.

          1. I have about 2000€ and they said i can withdraw in 4 days and now they told me i have to invest more because of blockchain

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