HUGE SCAM: Analysed Options review

This review is a warning against the Analysed Options scam broker, it is a very dangerous entity.

Analysed Options reviewAnalysed Options claims to be a broker based in the US allowing its clients to trade binary options, Forex and spreads.

Most importantly the broker claims to be regulated in the US by the CFTC and in the UK by the FCA.

Analysed Options’ offer is very lucrative, you allegedly will earn up to 350% on your first investment, guaranteed. Does it look too good to be true?

Analysed Options scam

The truth is that Analysed Options is a horrible scam. First of all, in investing there never are guarantees. Whenever anybody is promising you guaranteed returns on investments with stocks or currencies, they are scammers. There always is a degree of risk associated to financial trading, that’s just the way it is.

Not regulated

Broker checkThe most important thing about Analysed Options is that the broker is lying about its regulatory status. Because it is not regulated in the US by CFTC nor in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority.

We made the research on the websites of the NFA and the FCA, you can do it too. You will find that there is no company named Analysed Options registered in these two countries.

This means that the broker is openly lying, which confirms that it is a scam. It also means that since it is not regulated, clients’ money is not protected in any way with this company.

It is extremely probable that Analysed Options is not even located in the United States, they just give a fake address. So, if you send them your money, they will never let you withdraw anything back and you will have a hard time even finding where did your money end up.

Fake awardsIt is critically important to completely stay from scam brokers like Analysed Options, they are here to just steal money from people, you cannot expect anything else from these unscrupulous companies.

Also worth mentioning, the broker displays on its websites fake awards that it did not win.

Analysed Options review conclusion

Analysed Options is a scam broker that is not regulated, its website is full of lies, it won’t make you any money. Stay away from it!

For financial trading you should always use only regulated companies and brokers. We also recommend always starting on a demo account and learning with virtual money.

Only when you are familiar with the risks and have your strategy ready, you can start trading with real money.

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Forex and binary options broker. Offers guaranteed returns up to 350% on the initial investment.

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