HUGE SCAM: Crypto Mint review

Crypto Mint reviewThis review exposes the Crypto Mint online investment scam that pretends that it can make you money.

The website of Crypto Mint says that it is a bitcoin mining service that will allow you to profit from mining. They even have a mobile app that you can use on your phone.

There are several mining packages for you to chose from, ironically the lowest one offers the best return on investment 17.5% per day. But even the biggest one still offers almost 12% per day.

The payouts are supposed to be automated through bitcoin.

Crypto Mint scam

Binance linkThis mining program is a huge scam, that we can already say at the beginning of our Crypto Mint review. In fact, it is not even a mining program, just a scam.

Let’s start by stating the obvious, Crypto Mint is not a division of Binance, it has nothing to do with it. This applies to Forex UK too, it is not connected to it in any way.

Just by lying about this Crypto Mint is showing that it is a scam.

Ridiculous returns

Mining packagesAnother hint that Crypto Mint is a scam is in the mining packages. 12% or 17% per day is impossible in mining, in fact it is impossible in any legitimate business or investment activity.

You can be sure that when anybody offers these returns from cryptocurrency mining, you are dealing with a scam.

Fake company

Suzan LammThe reality is that behind Crypto Mint there is no real company, everything is fake. They made their story up.

It is easy to prove, since they used a stolen photo to portray their alleged co-founder Suzan Lamm. The woman on the photo is in reality a hedge fund manager Karen from a BBC series, see our picture.

How it works

Crypto Mint is a scam, that it is a sure thing. The only question is whether it is a Ponzi scheme that will play with deposits and maybe pay out some profits, or whether it is a simple scam that will keep all the money.

In any case you have to stay away from it, because sooner or later it will collapse.

Crypto Mint review conclusion

Crypto Mint is a scam, it is not a crypto mining service, stay away from it!

Crypto mining is barely profitable, but you can try crypto trading instead, there is a free demo.

However, keep in mind that in trading you can make, but also lose money, so be careful.

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