HUGE SCAM: One Bitcoin a Day review

1 Bitcoin a Day official websiteThis review explains why 1 Bitcoin a Day is a scam that will only make you lose money. It is presented by Justin Hagan.

One Bitcoin a Day is an automated trading solution that allegedly is generating, as it name suggest, one bitcoin in profits every day.

Today one bitcoin is worth $6,500, which means that One Bitcoin a Day allegedly can earn you $195,000 per month.

And all this for free, because the program is free. Really?

One Bitcoin a Day scam

In reality One Bitcoin a Day is a binary options and a cryptocurrency scam. It won’t make you any money, it will just make you lose money with an unlicensed broker.

Justin Hagan

Justin Hagan is a scammerHagan is a fictitious character created by scammers who run One Bitcoin a Day. His entire story is a fairy tale, nothing is real.

Take a look at our photo and you will see that the picture of Hagan is a stock photo. This guy has nothing to do with bitcoin trading.

Fake reviews

Reviews are fakeThe 1 Bitcoin a Day website is showing some positive testimonials. People are saying that 1BTCaDAY is earning them money.

But these testimonials are fake, fabricated images. You cannot click them to verify that these people really published these posts, because they didn’t.

Fake results

Trading results are fakeOn the One Bitcoin a Day website you will also find an alleged live feed with trading results of people using the system. But again, the table is fake.

It is showing a combination of BTC pairs that no broker in this world is offering. Moreover One BTC a Day will push you to trade with Metainvesting (more on that later) that certainly has not all these currency pairs. You will find the proof on our image.

How it really works

Metainvesting brokerThe true and only purpose of One Bitcoin a Day is to make you sign up and deposit at least $250 with Metainvesting, which is an unregulated broker.

This is because people who run this scam are being paid by this broker for referring new depositors.

This is the way scammers who run this program earn their money. If you deposit with them, you are extremely likely not to see your money ever again.


One Bitcoin a Day is a new scam that is designed to make you lose money with an unregulated broker, it is not about cryptocurrency trading. Stay away from it!

If you are interested in making money in cryptocurrency trading, try it on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

Forget about robots making you money for free, they all are scams. You have to learn and build your own strategy.

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