HUGE SCAM: Prizm review

websiteThis review of Prizm shows that it is a binary options scam. It is presented by Richard Squire.

Squire claims that Prizm is a software that can trade binary options with a 78 % accuracy, which means that it is making $8,000 in average to every user.

And you guessed it, the Prizm software is free, so you allegedly can get a decent income with no effort, knowledge or experience.

Prizm scam

scammerScammers try to be original a make up a new story each time to make you believe that this time it is the real thing. But the fact is that Prizm is a scam and its story is completely bogus.

Richard Squire is a fictitious character played by a paid actor. The same applies to all the testimonials you can see in the video, they were made with paid actors. The Prizm presentation is extremely similar to the Ice9 Technology scam.


Squire claims that the most important thing in his concept is a unique API Key without which trading is allegedly reduced to guessing. We had a big laugh here.

For those who don’t know API Key are just a tool for identifying programs when they communicate between each other, see Wikipedia. It has absolutely nothing to do with trading and predicting market movements!

So Squire just used a term that looks mysterious to fool you and make you believe that he has something special. In fact he is just a liar.

The original

whoisSquire also claims that every single binary options trading software available online is derived from the Prizm code that was created in 2007.

First of all Squire cannot know each and every trading program, so he cannot say this. Secondly the Prizm domain used by his website was created in 2015, eight years after the alleged launch. So another proof that Squire is a liar.

Prizm software – the truth

softwareNow that we have shown that Prizm is a scam it is the time to explain how it really works. People who created it are affiliated with some brokers and they get paid for referring new traders to these brokers. This is how they make money.

So to make money they need you to go, sign up, deposit and trade through their software with the broker they are affiliated with. This is why they made up this story about Prizm, to earn money for themselves.

And if you sign up with them and deposit money with them, their software will lose your money in bad trades. This is how it ends.


Prizm is a poor scam that is designed to make money to scammers and to lose yours, so stay away from it.

Real money can be made with binary options only if you learn how to trade and build a profitable strategy. You can do that on a free demo account.

Start trading with real money only after you have verified on the demo that your strategy works.

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