HUGE SCAM: Profex Trade and Trade Boost FX review

This ProfexTrade and TradeBoostFX review explains that this investment program is a blatant scam that you have to stay clear of.

TradeBoostFX reviewTradeboostfx is a trading platform that will allow you to trade cryptocurrencies and currencies on Forex.

Profex Trade is also a trading platform, it has Forex, binary options and contracts for difference (CFD).

The main feature of both platforms is the investment plans that allegedly will earn you up to 400% per day. But not so fast…

Profex Trade and TradeBoostFX scam

Profex Trade reviewThe reason why we are reviewing Profex Trade and Trade BoostFX at the same time is that both these services are obviously the same, run by the same people, they are the same scam.

And we didn’t have to go into details to find this out. We just had to look at the investment plans with daily returns up to 85% and 400% respectively.

We have to repeat a simple truth: no legitimate business in the world can generate daily profits in tens of percent, let alone hundreds. That is a hard fact.

This means that if any service like Trade Boost FX or Profex Trade is offering this kind of returns, it is a scam, there simply is no other possibility.

Illegal services

TestimonialTradeBoostFX and Profex Trade really are poor scams, because they both give a UK company registration number that belongs to some other company.

Also, they both give only US addresses, which makes no sense, since they claim to be located in the UK.

The most important thing is that neither Trade BoostFX or Profex Trade are licensed to provide investment services in any country, which means they both are operating illegally.

How it works

ScamProfex Trade and Trade Boost FX are obvious scams that will just take your money and that will be it. We think they don’t even try to run Ponzi schemes, because even this type of scam scheme would unsustainable for them.

So, unless you have too much money and you need to get rid of it, don’t even register at Profex Trade or Trade Boost FX.

Trade Boost FX and Profex Trade review conclusion

Profex Trade and Trade Boost FX are illegal investment services and scams, stay away from them.

If you are looking into financial trading, you can try it on a free demo with a regulated broker to see if it is something you could succeed in.

If you decide to invest real money, be sure to understand the risks first.

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