HUGE SCAM: Profit 4 Patriots review

profit4patriotsIn this review of Profit 4 Patriots (P4P) we prove that it is a binary options scam that you should avoid. It is a project of Douglas Ward.

According to the presentation Profit for Patriots is a binary options signals service that generates up to 70 signals per day with a 80 % winning ratio.

With P4P you can allegedly make $30,000 per month with just half an hour of trading per day.

And as usually you can get Profit for Patriots for free, because money is free, right?

Profit for Patriots scam

In the Profit 4 Patriots video you can hear a lot of lies, like that 40 % profit of banks comes from trading binary options. It is a total nonsense. But let’s present some more tangible proofs that P4P is a scam.


resultsOn the Profit 4 Patriots website you can see a table with allegedly live trading results of the P4P signals. But they are fake.

Look at the image, you will see that the table shows trades that took place on October 8 and 9. But this was a Saturday and a Sunday and markets are closed on the weekends, you cannot open any real trades!

This proves that results shown by Profit for Patriots are fake.


testmonialsAnother thing that is supposed to convince you about the performance of P4P is testimonials. Photos of people with stories about earnings.

But again, they are fake. Look at the example on the picture, you’ll see where scammer took this photo from. This guy has no idea about his identity being abused by Profit 4 Patriots.

The ugly truth – how it really works

douglas-wardNow it is the time to explain how Profit for Patriots really works. People who created it are affiliated with some binary options brokers that pay them for referring new depositing clients.

So the only purpose of P4P is to make you open an account and deposit money with a selected broker. The first thing you will have to do after signing up is to deposit money with a broker that you could not choose.

If you do it and then trade with Profit for Patriots signals, you will lose your deposit. But scammers don’t care, because by then they will already have earned their commission on you.


Profit 4 Patriots is a very basic scam that will push you to deposit money with an unregulated broker and then it will make you lose this money with bad trading signals.

If you really want to make money with binary options, you first have to learn how to trade on a demo account.

You can start trading with real money only when you become profitable on the demo. This is how binary options trading really works.

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