Huge scam review: Zulander Hack software

This review is about a new binary options scam called “Zulander Hack”, it is presented by Michael A. Wright.

What is Zulander Hack about

Zulander-Hack web siteWright made an impressive video, he comes in a Ferrari and claims that with his team they put together a piece of trading software called the Zulander Hack.

According to wright it can turn $1 into $532,491, it hasn’t had a single losing day, it has had 242 consecutive days of profit and it allegedly can make you up to $10,000 per day.

Now you can get a free life time licence if your country qualifies. From June Zulander Hack will be sold for $100,000 a licence.

Why is Zulander Hack a scam

Let’s start with this. Michael A. Wright is a fictitious character played by an actor who drives a rented Ferrari. The story he tells is full of lies, let’s have a look at some of them.

Binary options

vxmarketsWright says in his video that the Zulander Hack software does not trade binary options. But in reality the opposite is true.

When you sign up, the first thing you’ll have to do is to deposit money with VXMarkets, which is a binary options broker.

And you can be sure that if you then trade your account with the Zulander Hack software, you will lose your money.

Verified results

On every account statement and trading result you can see a stamp Verified. The same goes for supposedly live results from your country on the Zulander page. But who verified these results? In reality nobody, it is just another lie.

Fake testimonials

Zulander testimonials
Real testimonials? Surely not.

The whole video is played with actors, it is completely fake. There are some details that prove it.

For example when Wright comes back to Becca in the bar, she and her partner say that they are amazed with the Zulander’s results.

But to show them, they have to first login. So how could they know the results if they had not been watching the software until that moment?

disclaimerOr Lucy Knowles, Wright calls her by surprise, but she is immediately ready to share her screen with the mouse pointer highlighted. Isn’t that suspicious?

And last but not least, testimonials on the web page are fake too, the photos come from public databases, these are not real users.

And one more thing. Did you have the time to read the Zulander’s disclaimer? They more or less admit everything we’ve just said…


Zulander Hack is a scam that is damaging binary options. You can try a free demo to see how easy to understand binary options are, they are legitimate trading tool that you can make money with. But you first have to build a profitable strategy on the demo, don’t trade with real money until then.

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  1. How can I get my money back from these crooks. I’m so sick and tired of being ripped off. Let’s kill them. JK….., just kick the shit out of their lying ass.

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