HUGE SCAM – Terran Capitals – review

Terran Capital webThis review is about „Terran Capitals“, which is a new binary options scam.

In the Terran Capitals presentation you can hear that this company is developing automated trading algorithms. It has developed a trading software for binary options which allegedly has a 72 – 92 % success rate.

So with Terran Capital you allegedly can be making at least $900 every day. And for free, because becoming millionaire is as always free, right?

Terran Capitals scam

Let’s put it straight, Terran Capitals as company does not exist, the story told in the video is complete fiction told by an actor.

The only purpose of this scam is to make you deposit at least $250 with an unregulated broker. The software will then lose your money in trading and scammers will earn their commission from the broker for referring you.


PressOne of the most obvious proofs is the media fiction.

CNN Money, Reuters or CNBC have never mentioned Terran Capital simply because it does not exist as a successful company.

Look at the picture with the CNN example. You can check other web sites for yourself.

Terran Capitals software

Terran Capital softwareThe app that is supposed to make you tons of money is in fact an app used by scammers only. Take a look at the picture, you’ll see some other scams that are using it, one of them is Nesdek.

This software is used by scammers only and it loses money in trading, we have a lot of feedback about it from real users.


Risk DisclaimerIf you still don’t believe what we have said, look at the bottom of the Terran Capials web page. You’ll see the confirmation.

Or check the picture on the right, it is a screenshot.


Terran Capitals is a scam that abuses binary options. If you invest money with it, you will lose it. End of story.

If you want to see how real money can be made in binary options trading, try a free demo account. Trade live with real money only if you are able to be profitable on a demo.

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