HUGE SCAM: World Way Capital review

World Way Capital's websiteThis article brings you proofs that the World Way Capital’s investment program is a huge scam.

World Way Capital is presented as an investment company that is involved in various assets trading, from stocks to cryptocurrencies.

The company claims to be present in more than 33 countries with more than 50 thousand partners. It is headquartered in Winnipeg, Canada.

The public has the possibility to invest money with this company, daily (weekdays) returns go as high as 3%, which means more than 60% per month.

World Way Capital scam

Fake accrualsThe first thing to do is to look closely at the investment plans, because this way you often can uncover a scam without going into details. And in the case of World Way Capital this approach works too.

Because 60% per month is ridiculous, even in the world of cryptocurrencies, at least for the last year. We know that high percentages are very attractive, but the truth is that they are also impossible to achieve in the real world.

Should it be possible to make this much money without working, nobody would be working. 60% per month is almost a guarantee of scam, World Way Capital is a scam.

Illegal operation

Not authorizedWorld Way Capital shows an address in Winnipeg, however the registration of the company was made in Ontario.

So, we checked the Ontario Securities Commission’s register for a company of this name, but it is nowhere to be found. This means that World Way Capital is not authorized to provide investment services and it is an illegal operation.

How it works

It is clear that World Way Capital is a Ponzi scheme, they do no real trading on financial markets, they just play an illegal game with deposits.

From what we gathered it seems that initially they were paying out profits, but then they stopped, because every Ponzi scheme collapses in the end.


World Way Capital is a huge scam, an illegal operation that was designed to fail, avoid it!

For financial trading you should be using regulated entities only. If you want to try it, start on a free demo account to see how it works.

Forget about passive tens or hundreds of percent per month, offers like these are scams.

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