HYPER SCAM: Mega Crypto Trade review

This review exposes the Mega Crypto Trade scam that offers profits from crypto mining and trading.

Mega Crypto TradeMega Crypto Trade is a company with a wide variety of services, it says it offers bitcoin transactions, bitcoin mining, an instant exchange, investment banking, instant trading and investment planning.

In other words, it is an investment and financial service focused on cryptocurrencies.

The minimum investment is $300, and you can get up to a 50% bonus on your deposit. On Instagram you will find success stories about Mega Crypto Trade, but are they true?

Mega Crypto Trade scam

First things first, when you see a platform that offers everything from financial trading, investing and crypto mining to online banking, you should become very alert, because such a range of services requires a reliable and regulated organization.

Most of the services offered by MegaCryptoTrade require licenses from regulators, so you should check if it has them. But what a surprise, this company does not even tell where it is located!

It is not only a huge red flag, it automatically means that it is not regulated. Regulated companies have to provide complete contact information and details about their licenses.


Anonymous and unregulatedNow that we have established that MegaCryptoTrade is anonymous and not regulated, we can safely say that it is an illegal financial and investment service.

This means that it cannot be offered legally in most countries and that deposits are not protected nor safe with this company. This alone is enough to stay away from it. But there is more.

Mega Crypto Trade testimonials

Testimonials and reviewsOn the website of Mega Crypto Trade you will find testimonials and reviews from alleged satisfied customers. But a quick search reveals that they are fake.

On our picture you will see that people on the photos are not real clients, because these pictures are stock photos that anybody can buy.

Instagram stories about profits made with Mega Crypto Trade are fake too, nobody is making money with this scam service.

You see, this is a common practice of scammers, not only they create fraudulent programs that are designed to steal your money, they will also infest the internet with fake reviews and testimonials. They have huge networks of websites and social accounts for this purpose.

You always have to do your own research and don’t just rely on stories posted by anonymous people. The first criteria you should always use is regulation, and as we explained, Mega Crypto Trade is not regulated, it is an illegal service.

Mega Crypto Trade review conclusion

Mega Crypto Trade is a scam, it is an illegal and unregulated investment service which displays fake reviews, stay away from it!

For trading you should stick to regulated brokers and start on a demo account with virtual money to try everything risk free.

Because there are risks associated with real money trading, so you first have to understand them and prepare a strategy before using real funds.

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10 thoughts on “HYPER SCAM: Mega Crypto Trade review

  1. Jira,
    It’s the same w/ me invest 100$ after the trading is complete before withdraw the profit we need to pay company commission it’s about 20% 300$ after you pay the company start processing again after the company will message that the profit is pending to withdraw because need to pay the block chain 200$.i did not pay the 200$.the manager their is a bonus
    I tell him I’m not interested.

  2. I was also scammed I met him on facebook and after that he offered me an investment I invested $ 100 after nun sabe saken there was an error then I wanted to add $ 200 to be $ 300 dollars after 5 days of trading he said I can get a profit of $ 14,120 but before I can get it I need to pay $ 1050 first so that I can cash out my money now I know I don’t have that much money mam bala it can just be deducted from my profit it can’t be until he is replying to me I just want to get back because of the 15 thousand I invested eh help me please

  3. Scammed by IVANN SOPHIE CHERNOV sabotage with MEGA CRYPTO NETWORK. They asked $400 as basic plan, later on an email from megacrypto demands me to pay an upgrade fee of $1150 so I could withdraw my profit. I begin to think it’s a scam. Asked them to return my money, they return 40% of my money then blocked me. We need to take an action for these low life thieves and scammers.

    1. hi can you help me how they return atleast 40% of your money ? help me please the broker i met her name is Fiston Mavoko

  4. For megacrypto trade
    5-aug invested 100usd
    As per trading platforn, profit is already 1500usd
    To get the profit, i need to pay the following
    300usd as comission (paid)
    200usd for blockchain (paid)
    It was supposed to be transferred, but then according to them, i hit the jackpot, it went to 11000usd..
    And also need to pay 1000usd in order to process. I havent paid. I think its too much.
    They also do not want to deduct the amount, they want full payment before proceeding

    They even made me register to the megacryptotrade to look legit

  5. I have an ongoing transaction under KLAVA KOLKOVA, Account Manager, I invested 450 dollars, and when I was about to get the earnings, I got an email, was told to upgrade for 1,200 dollars before getting the earnings and I did but to my dismay, got an e mail again, had to pay first the commission fee of 20 percent in order for me to get the earnings. But gee! The earnings is too good to be true, more than 20, 000 thousand dollars as againts my investment of 1,650 dollars in almost 7 days.
    When I asked Ms. KLAVA to deduct it from my supposed earnings or I would give it after the transfer of my earnings, but according to her, they had an experience before that the client did not pay the said commission fee when after the receipt of the earnings. I even challenged her to give 50 percent of my total profit. She didn’t grab the offer but instead kept on egging me to transfer the amount to her bitcoin address. A REAL SCAMMER!!!! HOW CAN YOU HELP US PLEASE?? Thanks!

  6. I have been scammed too. I am out $500.00. Did you see their site on Telegram? All these postings about big gains? They almost get me for another 1000.00bBut when I dug further I found out. May God help them. It was too good to be true. The guy’s name is Louis Lucas.

  7. They say minimum $100, after depositing it they say there was an error on creating an account and that you should deposit another $100 to create and trade on your account. Then after 24 hours they send you an email asking you to deposit $550 to upgrade your account so that you can withdraw your funds.


    1. Hi, it’s the same with me. I have been scammed. Haha…. Jokes on me. Wat u did tho after that

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