ICO SCAM: Cryptolux review

Cryptolux ICOThis review reveals that Cryptolux is an obvious crypto scam that you should not invest your money into.

The main promise of Cryptolux is that their trading robot will make you 45% per month on your investment. For this you will have to buy the cryptocurrency CLX.

Also, the price of CLX is supposedly going to go from $0.50 to hundreds of dollars within a few years. Cryptolux is planning to offer financial services and get a banking licence. Really?

Cryptolux scam

Nonsense ROIThis ICO scam was really easy to spot. First of all, 45% per month for free? This is the typical number used by a lot of crypto scams in the past, like Bitconnect for example.

Projects like Cryptolux either run like Ponzi schemes, or they just collect money and never give anything back. Should Cryptolux really have a bot that is capable of making 45%, they would be on top of every financial news source.

Another give away is that they say they expect the price of their crypto CLX to reach hundreds of dollars soon. Only scams provide such statements, trust us, we have seen dozens of them.

Illegal service

Illegal serviceCryptolux is also breaking the law. It is clear that it is an illegal investment service, because it is offering returns on investments. But it is not regulated, therefore it is illegal in most countries.

It is also clear that CLX is a security, because you are promised returns thanks to its rise in value. But again, Cryptolux is not regulated, therefore illegal. As you can see, it not registered with the FCA.


Cryptolux is an obvious ICO scam that will just take your money. Stay away from it!

The majority of ICOs are scams, if you want to trade with established cryptocurrencies, start on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

In trading you can make, but also lose money, so be careful.

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