IDIOTIC SCAM – Money Code review

Money Code websiteIn this Money Code review we prove that it is a binary options scam. It is presented by Paul Thomas.

Thomas says in the Money Code presentation that you will get access to a binary options money making trading software called Money Code.

You will allegedly receive $1225 just for testing the software. So not only it is free, but you are supposed to get paid for testing a software that makes money.

Money Code scam

Scammers have obviously taken a new step. In the past miraculous money making apps were free, now you will even get paid for making free money. Seriously, could anybody think that this is real? We hope not, but just to make sure we are publishing this review.


Fake testimonialsAll the testimonials you can see on the Money Code website are fake, they were made with paid actors.

Look at the picture to see one example, this guy is a Fiverr actor who has supported some other binary options scam as well.

You won’t get a dime

The biggest magic of Money Code is supposed to be the $1,225 reward that you are meant to get just for testing the software. But it is a big lie.

After signing up you will be shown a binary options trade and the balance of $1,225 which later rises to $1,315. You will be told that it is yours, but then you will be sent to a deposit page of a broker where you will see that your real balance is zero!

So let’s emphasise it, you will never see a single cent from Money Code, the reward is just a lie.

Money Code software

Money Code SoftwareThis takes us to the software that is supposed to make money while you test it.

But the Money Code app is a universal piece of software designed and used by scammers only. We’ve seen it used by many scams, for example by 7 Figure Months, see the picture for more examples.

This software shows only a fake demo trade, the money nor the balance are real. But when you deposit money and start trading with it for real, it will lose your money.

The truth

So how does Money Code really work? These scammers are getting paid for referring new depositors to the broker Banc de Binary. So they need you to deposit money through their software so that you earn them an affiliate commission.

And to persuade you to do that they are saying all these lies about a reward for testing the software that will make you money. Simple as that.


Let’s conclude this review of Money Code by saying that it is a scam full of lies that you are told just to deposit money with a certain broker and lose it in trading with a software that has no real strategy.

And a real strategy is precisely what you need to really make money with binary options. You can try to build your own strategy on a free demo.

Don’t believe that anybody will make you money for free.

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