This GL-FX broker review exposes lies of this unscrupulous company that wants you to trade Forex with it.

GL-FX reviewGL-FX is a Forex broker, which means it will let you trade with currencies, such as dollars, euros etc.

The broker also offers managed accounts that will run algorithmic trading strategies. Profits will allegedly by as high as 200%+ per year. The minimum investment is $10,000.

GL-FX claims to be regulated in the UK, clients deposits’ allegedly are insured.

GL-FX scam

We analyzed GL-FX and found out that it is a dangerous scam. And it is easy to prove, we’ll do it in this review.

Not regulated, not insured

Not licensedGL-FX is trying to make people believe that investing money with it is secure, since it is a regulated and insured service. But it is a big fat lie.

Not only is GL-FX not regulated in the United Kingdom, it is not even registered there! This means that it is an unauthorized and illegal investment services, deposits are not insured with this company. See our picture for a proof.

Fake awards

The awards are fakeAnother proof that GL-FX is a scam is in the allegedly multiple awards that this broker was supposed to win.

On its website the broker displays several awards, some even from 2016. But they are fake.

Again, you will find a proof on our picture. GL-FX exists only since 2019, so it could not have won any awards in 2016, 2017 or 2018.

Shady investment plans

GL-FX scamGL-FX claims to be able to make you 200%+ yearly returns on your investments. This is a very bold claim for an unregulated and illegal investment service.

To put that into perspective, world’s best hedge funds might achieve this performance occasionally, they certainly cannot do that every year.

So, how likely is that an anonymous and illegal service can do this every year? The probability is very close to zero.

GL-FX review conclusion

GL-FX is a scam broker, it is not regulated and its website is full of lies. Stay away from it!

If you want to trade financial markets, do it with regulated brokers only and start on a demo account to learn it with virtual money.

Only when you are familiar with trading and the risks, you can start investing your own money.

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