ILLEGAL BROKER: Crypto FX Club scam review

Crypto FX Club reviewIn this review we say why you should stay away from investing with Crypto FX Club.

Crypto FX Club is an online broker that offers trading on different markets, such as Forex, stocks, commodities and cryptocurrencies. The broker is allegedly based in the United Kingdom.

There are two account types which can earn you profits from 5% to 15%, but the time period is not specified. You can also make money by referring other depositors to the broker.

Crypto FX Club is illegal

Crypto FX Club scamOne thing is absolutely obvious, Crypto FX Club is an illegal broker, because it is based in the UK, but it is not authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The law is that every UK broker of this kind has to be licensed by the FCA.

Another thing we noticed is that Crypto FX Club falsely claims to be certified by FX Empire and, it certainly is not true.

Besides, FX Empire and are just private websites that have no regulatory power or certification authority. Showing these fake badges makes Crypto FX Club a clear scam.

Passive returns?

Weird returnsThe Crypto FX Club is so poorly presented that they did not even mention to what time period the 5 – 15% returns are related.

Are you supposed to get these returns daily, monthly or yearly? If it is daily, it of course is not possible. Very good traders can make 5 – 15% in one month, but not illegal brokers like Crypto FX Club.

The overall impression we get from Crypto FX Club is that is might be Ponzi scheme, because it is offering regular returns and it also has a referral program. This is typical for scams, because they need a growing inflow of new deposits in order to be able to pay out profits for at least some time before they collapse.

No matter the real concept that is behind Crypto FX Club, it is very suspicious and worth avoiding.


Crypto FX Club is an illegal broker and a scam, you cannot trust it. Stay away from it.

If you want to try true financial trading, do it with a regulated broker on a free demo account.

Use the demo to understand how trading works what would be the risks if you start investing real money.

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