ILLEGAL BROKER: Libra Markets review

In this Libra Markets review we give you reasons for avoiding this broker.

About Libra Markets

Libra Markets reviewLibra Markets is a Forex broker that will let you trade not only currencies, but also shares and indices. Trading is done through contracts for difference (CFD), there is more than 250 underlying assets to trade.

Want to have more information about Libra Markets? It will be difficult, because the broker does not provide it.

Beware of Libra Markets

The first problem we encountered while making this Libra Markets review was the lack of information. The broker doesn’t say what kind of accounts you can open, what is the minimum deposit, what is the minimum trade etc.

More importantly it doesn’t say where it is located, which is a huge red flag. And it means that…

Libra Markets is an illegal broker

Libra Markets scamYou read it right, this broker is illegal in most countries. The reason is that it obviously is not licensed. The broker does not even provide proper contact information, let alone mandatory regulatory details.

Since the only phone number Libra Markets provides leads to the UK, we have to assume that it is headquartered in the UK. It for sure means that it is targeting UK residents.

So Libra Markets has to have a license from the British Financial Conduct Authority, it is the law. But it has no license whatsoever, which was confirmed also by the financial regulator from Austria (FMA), which has issued a warning against this broker.

To sum this part of our Libra Markets review, this broker has no rights to offer its services in most countries, because it is not regulated.

Libra Markets complaints

An important part of every broker review is testimonials from real users and clients. And we can tell you right away that we found a lot of complaints about Libra Markets being a scam.

People complain that the broker would not let them withdraw any money, only asks for more deposits. This is another confirmation that this broker is not a company that you should have any kind of relationship with.

Libra Markets review conclusion

Libra Markets is a broker that is not regulated, people complain about it and it is on a blacklist of at least one financial regulator. We recommend avoiding it.

For financial trading you should use regulated brokers only.

And before investing any real money you have to be sure to understand the risks.

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9 thoughts on “ILLEGAL BROKER: Libra Markets review

  1. I saw the vision in an interview on the recommendation Samo Login (successful SLO entrepreneur) on tv. When I invested the desired amount (€ 250) he called me my acount manager Joseph Weisemn ( . He said that under min. 10,000 is no investment (he sent an investment plan). It set a deadline of 31/01/2020. When asked how I can return my money to the bank, he showed me (€ 50 per bank). When I suspected and wanted my money back, another manager came in and wanted an even bigger investment first (min 7000€). Takoj mi je zmanjkalo denarja na računu Tehtnice. Nič! They do not reply to email.
    After a few days he contacts me David Joshua ( ) and he tell me that a new acount manager. I want to get my money back and says my “plan” is at the end of april??!
    I lose access to Blochain (now Bistamp the same), which is important for transferring money. There are no questions about inactivity. I know I’ve lost everything. I hope the Police do something, because I reported to GB

  2. I lost everything. as long as you make yourself a friend then .. i can’t even dispose of it

  3. Libra Markets is a total scam. After a few weeks, when i invested my money, my brocker Alex called me and asked if i wanted to invest more. She also prassed me to take out a loan. This is the reason why i started to get suspicious so I told her i want to withdraw my money. She told me that they need one month to send money to my bank acount. (Normal is one day.) Before i invested my money she told me that i can withdraw my money whenever i want. They give me the date 16th December. But i don’t know what will i get back, because when i asked to withdraw my money, it started to disappear. At the moment is on my libra account only 100eur available and i invested much more. This is my first and last investment in my life. Please escalate this malicious act from these criminals to save people from losing their hard earn money.

  4. I responded to a fake advertisement that suggested they were the same people who went on Dragon’s Den, and sent them $250 on 18th October then tried to cancel and asked for my money back. They said I first had to register my account with certain ID documents. I said I didn’t trust them and did not want to send them any documents. They keep phoning to tell me the same thing — that I need to send them my ID documents. Very unprofessional and clearly dishonest. Not sure how I will get my money back but will certainly not give them anything more.

  5. they are the worst broker out there they stole 30.000€ from me in just a few days with the same tricks you can read about here these people are a bunch of scammers and no forex brokers !

  6. They stole money directly from my account claiming they needed fast more money to make profits on the market, so they usey my credit card details I provide for the registration and just took 3500€ from my card and placed negative trades , that where all not acording to the real trading charts for these assets so it is clear they run a manipulated trading platform on their website so they can tell the money got lost on the markets but in real they steal it and use this asa cheap excuse!

    1. this how they done it with me these dirty scammers report them to the police and try to make a chargeback from the credidcard company !

  7. Beware of this broker they are FMA blacklisted !
    They locked me out from my account as I refused to invest more money to play in the big league as they told me it is necesarry but I already invested a good amount of money , after the last call where I made it clear that I not invest more I could not log in again and since thatday they do not reply to any mails ot calls .
    Libra Markets is a SCAM!!!

  8. They are a complete SCAM the same people from blacklisted scambrokers like Kaya fx KontoFX and UproFX now launched this new website and try to fool investors with Fake news into investing with them, what is a big mistake they have a manipulated trading platform where they make sure soon as you want to withdraw or do not invest more money you will loose all your funds with bad trades in the next hours !

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