IMPORTANT WARNING: BinBotPro is a scam – review

This review of Bin Bot Pro shows that this binary options robot is a scam that can lose your money.

BinBotPro is a robot that can trade binary options automatically, you just have to turn it on. It allegedly uses several different robots, but in any case your balance should grow.

And guess what, BinBotPRO is free, so you can get money for free, can’t you?

BinBotPRO scam

The truth is that BinBotPro is a scam. And a very dangerous one. Let us explain why.

Fake demo

When you register for BinBotPro, you will be given access to a demo version of the software. When you turn it on, you will see massive profits coming in in no time. But they are fake.

We tested the demo and in just one minute it turned $1,000 into $1,323 with $50 trades. All winners. But the problem is that the demo doesn’t show the trades taking place, it doesn’t show prices nor expiry times, so you cannot countercheck the trades with a real price feed.

The demo does not even provide a list of historic trades for you to verify! And the profits are jumping in every few seconds, which is a nonsense, because the shortest expiry is usually one minute with binary options.

All this means one think, the BinBotPro demo is fake, it showing fake results!

Fake awards, unregulated brokers

On the BinBotPro website you can see awards that this robot allegedly won, but it is not true. For example the “Thec Finance Journal Award” does not even exist, there is no such award nor journal. Meanwhile iFX Expo Awards exist, but BinBotPro was never even mentioned by them.

Another problem is that Bin Bot Pro pushes you to open an account either with Binary Mate or with Finpari. But both are unregulated brokers, so you have no protection with them.

The truth

At this point it is obvious how BinBotPRO really works. Its only purpose is to make you deposit money with one of their partner brokers, because if you do it, scammers behind this robot will earn an affiliate commission from the broker.

This is why the demo is faked to make you think that the robot is profitable, they need you to open a new account through the software with one of their brokers in order to earn their commission.


BinBotPro is a scam with a demo that fakes results, it shows unreal profits! In reality it loses money, so stay away from it!

You should always check the performance of any strategy/systems/signals service/trading idea on a demo account with a regulated broker.

And because to this date we have never seen a profitable binary options robot, we believe that it is better to use the demo to learn to trade manually.

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11 thoughts on “IMPORTANT WARNING: BinBotPro is a scam – review

  1. This review is a bit myopic. You only explain your reasons with the demo account and the two brokers. IQ option demo is just like that. Show me a real binary software whose demo is not easy to operate. Hence with these few pointers you gave, it is not enough to convince your suscribers that it is a scam. I urge you to do an extensive research before giving us a review tht is worth 2/10. Beside i am a novice in this field and your review is not that helpful.Thanks

    1. It is not true. Demo accounts with regulated brokers like IQ Option use real prices, therefore your demo results are comparable with what would happen with real money. On the other hand scams like BinBotPro give you a demo that uses fake price to generate fake profits that would not happen with real money. As simple as that.

  2. yes you are right.
    when you open iqoption website and check their demo. you will see all profitable trades whether you put or call.
    so before giving any product scam verdict you should do extensive research
    and both brokers are reliable and regulated.
    ever post any review if you don,t want to research.
    all other websites are 5 starts rating of binbotpro and only yours show fu*king 1 start.
    Shame on you

    1. 1) You are a liar and anybody can verify it. On the IQ Option demo you will never see only profits no matter what trade you open. The demo is based on a real price feed and it simulates real trading. Anybody can check it.
      2) BinBotPro is a scam, there is enough proofs in our review. All other websites that give it a better rating are scams that promotes BinBotPro with an affiliate link, which means that they get paid for it.

  3. look for a meaningful thing to talk about…ur write up isnt reasonable.i dnt fink you av ever traded IQ demo account.have u tried it and loss ur moni.u only did d demo.pls dnt mislead pple

  4. I am not saying binbotpro is a scammer, but i have to say it wont give you any money, it losses most of the time. Really less chance of winning, and yeah the demo is a scam thats for sure. send me your email address and I can send you the trade these stupid robot did if you wanted a proof.

  5. John, good job on the review. It was the first I read and had sufficient detail to indicate that a scam was probable. Not a good sign.

    Keep up the good work.

  6. Hi,
    my experience with and is the same – it is a scam and the robots look fine just in the statistical theory. If I checked trade history then the robot 99% lost – you can check in the shared document with all the trading data history

    1. Beware about BinBotPro, and don`t listen those Youtube channels who praise this robot. ( Andrew, PrestigeBinaryOptions, ..etc). Many clowns on Youtube.
      Read as much as you can before investing in this. You win only in demo. After you put your money in, you will start loosing and your percentage start to drop, no matter what robot you use. This was my experience with BinBotPro. It is a scam!

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