INCREDIBLE SCAM: Channel Timez review

Channel Timez scam website

This review reveals that Channel Timez is an investment scam that has nothing to do with any real business.

Channel Timez is supposed to be a company that is trading with advertisement time on different TV channels. It allegedly buys advertisement time in bulk and resells it for more money, which allows it to make profits.

It offers different investment plans, but it seems that all have a 20% return on investment per month. Plus, there is multilevel structure that goes 14 levels deep which is meant to increase your earnings.

We might be getting some details wrong, because the presentation is not completely clear, but the whole picture is very clear.

Channel Timez scam

It’s very obvious that Channel Timez is a scam that is not doing any real business activity.

Fake company

The company is not realChannel Timez is allegedly based in Verona, Italy, but it is not true. The address they provide is fake.

There is no registered company of this name in Italy, which is a huge red flag.

How it really works

Investment packagesChannel Timez is an MLM (multilevel marketing) scheme. This means that you are supposed to refer other people to the system to make money.

On top of that Channel Timez seems to be a Ponzi scheme, because there clearly is no trading with advertisement time. There is only a financial game where profits are paid out from new deposits.

It is a pyramidal game that will have a lot of losers and that will not last for long.


Channel Timez is a scam based on an MLM scheme and a pyramidal financial game, there is no real product involved. Stay away from it!

Forget about programs that will make you tens of percent or more per month for free, they are scams. Money is not free, you have to work for it. In trading you can try a free demo with a regulated broker to see what it takes to achieve profits.

And remember that in trading it is possible to make, but also lose money, so be careful.

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24 thoughts on “INCREDIBLE SCAM: Channel Timez review

  1. is it possible to confirm through Italian official government website or any other source to confirm existence?

  2. Its true, that chtimz (chotia timez), ran away, and I think, its not a foreign company, its totally running from Pakistan, and they are depending on the new investors for sales purchase, finally they couldn’t bear the pressure of payment return. so ran away.

  3. And today finally channel timez went away… that was total fake and made all pakistanies fool…now look site is not working..

  4. there is something which is confusing about channel timez because the money is circulating among the members and perfect money is not working. there is some issues which must be solved by the company if they are true.
    1. put complaints cell number on website
    2. money can transfer directly by western Union to worldwide
    3. there will be 24hrs Help line
    4. there will be branches in Pakistan as well as worldwide
    5. if someone forget master key then how he can draw.
    6. there is print option for daily or monthly statement

  5. Nothing is fake its running all over the Pakistan last few years if its fake then why they are giving profit from last 3 years ??? tell me peoples are involved in this company from the last 3 years and working fine.

    1. Who says last 3 years it opearate from last 7 to 8 months its all fraud not they are italian company nor they opearte from 3 years

  6. sorry for the first comment, that comment send it to the people of investearnfx and copy it by mistake

  7. good morning if investearnfx is indeed a scam, I can confirm with evidence

  8. good morning gang of thieves and swindlers kept my money, the Lord blesses them for their actions and their actions, which multiply

  9. This not Ilatian company.
    There is well managed team which is working only in Pakistan, and making our nation fool.
    First of all, if there is clear investment so where is the registration or sign up page on website?
    Second. Who is the owner of the company?
    Third. Why this company is active only in Pakistan?

    Friends, you can report this website here on this email “” this is website domain provider email address.

    1. As you can see on our picture in the article, they display an Italian address, obviously fake…

  10. Channeltimez pays on daily basis and you can get money through perfectmoney account. Company pays you even new investors do not come. So how it is scam?

  11. But what are athourities doing about it in Pakistan.

    Don’t they know? It’s running all over Pakistan in major cities.

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