Incredible scam review: Binary Top Signals

Binary Top SignalsIn this review we are going to show why you should not trust “Binary Top Signals”, it is a binary options scam.

Unlike other binary options scam Binary Top Signals is not free, although their video presentation says something else, see the picture.

You are required to pay $1 per day for a 7 day trial period, then it costs $59.99 per month. For this price they will send you trading signals that you should execute on your own account.

Binary Top Signals is supposed to make you money because it allegedly combines automation with human analysis.

Binary TopSignals is a scam

We did not even need to try the Binary Top Signals to see that it is a scam. Watching their so called amazing market analysis was enough to see what it is all about.

Look at the video below. You can see that they are showing you some live trades that should convince you about the quality of their signals. But the big problem is that they show you results of different trades than those they executed!

So they obviously are hoping that you won’t pay attention to details and that they will convince you just by showing you some winning trades. But as you can see, it is a big fake. They are lying in front of your eyes, it is pretty incredible.

So these videos are enough for us to say that Binary Top Signals is a scam.


When a binary options service is paid, it does not mean that it cannot be a scam. Because as you can see, Binary Top Signals is a paid scam.

If you want to try binary options trading really for free, do it on a demo account. There you will see what is trading about and how you can make money. Let’s put it straight, nobody will make you money for free, you have to learn trading.

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      1. Is there anything that can be trusted in terms of signals? John Anthony? Maybe I’ll have to write my own. Cheers.

        1. So far we’ve had only one person providing feedback about John Anthony Signals and it was not positive. If they let you try the signals for free on a demo, you can try it, but I would stay away from every program that does not allow that and forces you to immediately invest your money or pay for the service without a money back guarantee.

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