BTC Heritage websiteThis review is about proofs that BTC Heritage is a scam investment program.

BTC Heritage allegedly is a company that offers Forex investment solutions to the public.

Currently they have three investment plans with returns up to 100% after three days.

Can you really double your money every three days with this program?

BTC Heritage scam

Doesn't exist that longNo, you won’t be able to double your money every three days with this program, nor with any other investment program, because it is not possible in real economy.

Programs that offer this kind of high returns are scams, Ponzi schemes and similar illegal financial games that just play with what they get on deposits.

BTC Heritage is a scam, not a real investment opportunity. The numbers speak for themselves.

Also, you can find a blatant lie on their website. They claim that BTC Heritage is online for more than 800 days, but it is not possible, because the domain name exists for only about one year and a half.

Illegal operation

Another thing to keep in mind about BTC Heritage is that it is a company that is acting illegally. It is offering investment services but has no licence whatsoever.

In most countries every investment offer has to be licensed by a financial regulator.


BTC Heritage is a scam that cannot exist for long, it will collapse soon, and a lot of money will disappear.

If you want to experience genuine financial trading, try a free demo with a regulated broker.

Forget about programs that promise tens of percent per month or more, they all are scams.

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