INSULTING SCAM – The Profit Hack review

Profit Hack websiteThis Profit Hack review provides proofs about this project being a binary options scam. It is presented by Jake Sanders.

Sanders says that he can give you a binary options trading software capable of making you $1,000 – $15,000 per day. He even guarantees that you will make $1,000 within first four minutes after signing up.

The trading software is called The Profit Hack and it allegedly has not lost a single trade for two years because it is based on arbitrage.

Profit Hack scam

Live webinarThe Profit Hack program is just one huge lie. You should first notice that the presentation is made with a fake live webinar. It is not a webinar, it is not live, it is just a video. You can reload the page whenever you want and the video will restart from the beginning.

So all the spots will be free again, which proves that it is a scam. Places in fact are not limited whatsoever. You can also try to send a message to the chat, but it will never be published, because it is not live.

It also means that all the testimonials are fake. It is of course impossible for Sanders to log into other people’s accounts and show you live screenshots. They are all fake, the video was recorded with photoshopped account screenshots.

Profit Hack software

The Profit Hack appThe best proof that Profit Hack is a scam lies in the trading software that is supposed to make you money. When we saw it for the first time, we immediately recognized an app developed and used exclusively by scammers.

Take a look at the picture, the same exact app has been used for examples by High Frequency Trader and Nesdek scams.

The first thing they will ask you after signing up is to deposit money, you will actually never see a single cent from them!

The Truth

So how does Profit Hack work? People who created it are affiliated with a certain unregulated broker that will pay them for referring new depositors. So they made up this story about big profits just to make you deposit at least $250 with their broker, because it will earn them an affiliate commission.

If you do it, their software will then lose your money in bad trades.


The conclusion of this Profit Hack review is very simple: it is an ordinary scam designed to make you lose money with a crappy software that cannot trade binary options profitably.

To make real money with binary options you need to learn trading and build a profitable strategy on a demo account. Only then you can start trading live with your money.

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