INTRUSIVE SCAM: The Ethereum Code review with proofs

The Ethereum CodeIn this review of the Ethereum Code we prove that this trading program is a scam that you have to avoid. It is presented by Mark Weston / Jad Baker.

Ethereum Code is a binary options robot that is supposed to trade Ether and make you at least $3000 per day.

And because the Ethereum Code is free, you can allegedly become rich for free. Really?

Ethereum Code robot scam

The risk disclaimer says it allThe truth is that Ethereum Code is a scam that abuses binary options and the cryptocurrency Ethereum (Ether). In fact, it has nothing to do with cryptocurrencies, as we are going to prove below.

Everything you hear and see in the Ethereum Code video is fake. The story is completely bogus. It purposely abuses the Ethereum name so that real reviews of this scam can’t make it to the top in search engines.

Mark Weston of course does not exist, in the video scammers show a stock photo. Don’t believe us? You just have to read the risk disclaimer they show. In it they admit that there are no guarantees and that the video is fictitious. Look at our picture.

Fake testimonials

Testimonials are fakeNot only you will find fake reviews of the Ethereum Code on the Internet, there are also fake testimonials in the video.

Paid actors are lying about the program, they are essentially helping scammers to scam people.

Check our picture to see the proof, this guy sells fake testimonials for five dollars on Fiverr, anybody can hire him.

Scam software

The robot is not workingWe also tested the Ethereum Code robot and we quickly discovered that it is an infamous trading software used by a lot of scams.

On our picture you will see some of the other scams based on the same software, like Option Robot, Crypto Robot 365 and 8 Binary Robot. You will also notice that it is not trading cryptocurrencies but fiat pairs.

This robot is extremely dangerous, because in the demo mode it uses a fake price feed to generate fake profits. People with not enough experience might therefore believe that the robot is profitable and let it trade with their money.

But real trading obviously cannot be faked, so the Ethereum Code robot will quickly lose their money.

How it really works

The real purpose of the Ethereum Code robot is to make you deposit money with an unregulated and scam broker – Stern Options. This is because people who run the robot are affiliated with this broker, they are getting paid for referring new depositors. That’s it.

But now you know that if you deposit money and let Ethereum Code trade with it, you will lose it.


The Ethereum Code robot is a scam that generates fake demo profits and loses money in real trading. Stay away from it!

To really make money in trading you need to develop a proper strategy. You can try and do that on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

Forget about free robots, they are not working.

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2 thoughts on “INTRUSIVE SCAM: The Ethereum Code review with proofs

  1. just saw this video, guy narrating calls himself Jad Baker but i’ve seen so many of these that its obvious from the outset that these are just scammers trying to scam people considering that there are so many called this code or that code.If people fall for this scam then they are just plain thick and deserve their stupidity.

  2. They also list a testimonial in Sidney spelled wrong, presumably should be Sydney Australia

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