Investor Sea is a scam – review

Investor Sea official websiteThis review of Investor Sea shows why you cannot trust this online trading service.

Investor Sea is supposed to be an educational website. It allegedly can teach you how to trade profitably currencies, stocks and other assets. Courses are allegedly provided by professionals.

So, is this all true?

Investor Sea scam

While investigating Investor Sea we found several problems.

Not regulated

Not regulatedInvestor Sea claims to be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK. But it obviously is not true. There is no information about any licence, you won’t even find a contact address or the name of the company that runs Investor Sea.

This project is totally anonymous, which of course means that it is not regulated.

Fake testimonials

Reviews are not trueWe found a German version of the Investor Sea website and it features some testimonials. But these testimonials are fake.

Check our picture and you will see that photos of alleged users are in reality stock photos.

How it really works

They pushed you to an unlicensed broker.We signed up for Investor Sea to see how it all works, but all we were told is that we should sign up with an unregulated broker called Sitalix.

So, it is clear that the real purpose of Investor Sea is to make you deposit money with an affiliated broker, so that scammers who run this program earn a commission.

They won’t teach you how to make money in trading, they will just push you to deposit, so that they earn their commission.


Investor Sea is a scam, it is not regulated, it won’t make you any money. Stay away from it!

If you are interested in trading, try a free demo account with a regulated broker.

Nobody will make you money for free. To succeed, you will have to learn and build your own strategy.

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2 thoughts on “Investor Sea is a scam – review

  1. Cannot get back my funds from this company called SItalix! How can i get them to refund me with my 30KUSD?

    1. It’s even worse. SITALIX has taken over former CTOPTION customers and tries to Continue the scam based in former bindings. Take care and avoid….

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