IQ Option review – honest information

In this IQ Option review you will find every important piece of information about this broker.

Note: Binary options are prohibited in EEA.

About IQ Option

IQ Option is a binary options broker based in Cyprus. Currently it is one of the biggest brokers. It was founded in 2013 and since then it has won numerous awards.

Address: Yiannis Nicolaides Business Center, Agiou Athanasiou Avenue 33, 4102, Agios Athanasios, Limassol, Cyprus.


IQ Option demo

IQ Option is of the rare brokers that offer an unlimited free demo account, no deposit required.

Minimum deposit

The minimum deposit to open a real account is 10 dollars.

Minimum investment

The minimum investment is 1 dollar.

Fees, withdrawals and deposits methods

IQ Option charges no fees for deposits or trading. Withdrawals are free, except for wire transfers (fee $53).

You can deposit money with credit cards, Skrill, Neteller, SOFORT, Webmoney and Yandex Money.

You can withdraw money through credit cards, wire transfers, Skrill, Neteller, Webmoney and Yandex Money.

Payout, assets and options

The maximum payout with IQ Option is up to 92 % (when the trade is successful) with high/low binary options. But most of the time you will see a maximum of 85 % (when the trade is successful).

With IQ Option you can trade a wide variety of assets: currencies, commodities and indices.

Types of binary options are high/low, expiries range from 1 minute to end of the day.

With IQ Option you can trade not only binary options, but also classic Vanilla options.

Trading platform

IQ Option uses its own trading platform and it is probably the best among all binary options brokers. It has a lot of features, it allows technical analysis with different indicators, you can change time frames and colors, you can use tools such as Fibonacci retracements.

The trading platform is quick and stable, and the broker keeps innovating it. You can even use intermarket analysis, because you can display up to 9 charts at the same time.

The platform also enables quick access to chats, tournaments, news or video tutorials for example.

Is IQ Option regulated?

IQ Option is a regulated broker, the number of its CySEC licence is 247/14. It means that it is an EU regulated broker. It also means that clients’ money on trading accounts is protected up to 20,000 Euros.

Is IQ Option a scam? What about complaints?

IQ Option certainly is not a scam. It is a regulated broker, one of the biggest in the world. You will find complaints about every broker on the internet, IQ Option is not an exception, but none of the complaints we have investigated showed any wrongdoing from IQ Option. We gather traders’ feedback and based on this we believe that IQ Option is a very good and reliable broker.

Countries accepted

The vast majority of countries is accepted, however there are some exceptions, such as USA, Canada and Australia.


IQ Option is one of the best brokers we know of. It offers a completely free and unlimited demo account, it has the best trading platform and feedback we get about this broker is very good.

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21 thoughts on “IQ Option review – honest information

  1. By unlimeted do you mean that if in the demo if you loose the 100,000 that it shows you can start over?

  2. Review was awesome and I loved it to read and think what I have finally decided to invest some money in it. Hope I can earn some money from IQ Option as per your review tell about IQ Option.

  3. I can only think that if someone has issues with Iqoption, obviously if he has half a brain, won’t never come here where Iqoption is endorsed…anyway, I already wrote that your job is really precious and am sure that people willing to try BO should come here before invest their money anywhere on the web. Have a nice day and go on with your good job.

    1. You are wrong again, people come to us to complain about all brokers, even the ones we recommend. So for example in the past we removed from our list of recommended brokers Anyoption and Opteck, because people provided us with proofs that these brokers were not honest. So I repeat, provide us with proofs of any wrongdoing of IQ Option, and we will remove it from our list.

  4. I already tried to explain that regulation in Cyprus are very easy to obtain. These regulations have no meaning. And you didn’t try to comment the article I posted above. This words are clear enough:
    “Demetra Kalogerou, president of CySEC, did not use so many words to say that binary options can be banned once and for all”.
    Only words, agree, but maybe in the next future things will change.
    Please I don’t want to make any controversy, so it is useless for every answer to continue to exalt Iqoption, their demo, and so on. Anyway, there is a guilty case: it’s a fact you can’t ignore. Find it below (commented by Ruseneca, not by myself).
    Issue escalated to Traders Court Ruseneca vs | GUILTY
    “Well, the time to submit a negative review for IQOption has come! From the end of December, this broker acts very strange! Sometimes trades are executed with a very high slippage, usually within 2-3 pips away. It would be normal if they were a forex broker. However, a slippage of 2-3 pips while trading a turbo option which is supposed to expire within less a minute is not just excessive, it is scam according to my principles. It might be normal for somebody. At least, it is normal for the company according to their statements of the official compaint which was submitted to the company. Of course, they do regulate this slippage in their terms, you have agreed on these and in the of the day, you are the black sheep. I also experienced a very strange situation. One of my trades expired in-the-money, profit was credited to the balance and 5 seconds later the trade was declared as losing and profit was subtracted. They do not admit that this had happened and always ask for proves. Proves for slippage, for incorrect execution, for latency…all of these are supposed to be found on their servers, not on my computer.
    STAY AWAY from binary options industry as a whole, STAY AWAY from CySEC regulated broker and from any business which is regulated in Cyprus. The people there do not know what regulation means!”.
    At the end, I prefer a broker regulated in UK than one in Cyprus…

    1. You have your agenda and I can’t nor want to change it. On this website we provide honest information with the best intent. I can only repeat that we gather feedback from thousands of traders and we have never received a complaint about IQ Option that would provide proofs of any wrongdoing. Concerning the article about the future of binary options, I already commented it.

  5. Completely agree…really. About the future of BO, we can’t predict it, so we’ll see. But I don’t think we can confuse BO with Forex, CFD, stocks and commodities. But it’s only my opinion.
    Now, here you find words taken from an email received from a great expert, introducing like this:
    “I have provided content for companies operating in the forex/binary options industry since 2012. I have developed content for:- eToro- Spotware (makers of the cTrader platform)- FXOpen- Forex4you (E-Global Trade & Finance Ltd)- Dragon Options (I ghost-wrote the bonus ebook which users can download on their website)-, and many other sites. I am also a contributor to, and I am also an Associate Member of the UK Society of Technical Analysts”.
    When I requested his opinion about IQoption, this was his reply: “As for IQ Option, they are not regulated. I will not put my money with them knowing what I know about these unregulated binary options brokers. It is either they award bonuses and impose impossible volume requirements (e.g. a $5,000 bonus means the trader must generate $150,000 in trade volume), or they devise means to manipulate prices or steal your money altogether”.
    Of course, you don’t have to replicate as I can’t tell you the name of this guy: it’s only an opinion I got, not mine.
    But, as we know, on the web we can always find both sides of the same coins. Take care.

    1. I’m sorry but that guy is not telling the truth. IQ Option is fully regulated by the CySEC (, it is a license valid for the entire EU, period. Which, as I said before, means that money on a trading account is insured up to 20,000 euros. And IQ Option does not offer any bonuses, because it is forbidden by the law. They used to offer bonuses as every other broker and yes, these bonuses were tied to turnover conditions, but it is only normal, because if not, it would be free money for everybody. But you could withdraw your deposit any time, only the bonus was tied to the turnover condition.

    2. As far as I know they are regulated by CySec, but it’s not the point. I was in trouble with them once, when after repeatelly deposits they refused my withdraw request. Later I understood my foolish steps by fault into the bonus trick. But at the result, I have recovered my funds through private jurists. Recently I have received from them second transaction

      1. Please tell me when did you have this problem with IQ Option. When did you make your deposit and when did you ask for the withdrawal. Did they refuse the entire withdrawal?

  6. Well, my mistake was clear as I extended the matter from Iqoption to the whole binary options industry. It’s a difficult matter to speak about. That’s why I was interested in your opinion about BO in general and what is your opinion about the recent Cysec position, that I posted, and most of all about the countries that banned BO. Anyway, you certainly know that I appreciate your work and surely you remember that I reported many websites promptly investigated and reviewed by you, such as Altredo, Easyautotrading (an italian scam that you reviewed after my email) and many others. I hope you remember how I appreciate your hard work, as I wrote every time. There is the matter of Iqoption: well, we’ll see how it will go on and of course you’ll be the first on posting something new if something bad about them will be discovered. A fact is undeniable: on Forexpeacearmy there many complaints and even a Court case. I don’t think they are all fakes. By the way, I won’t reply anymore, but still am interested in your opinion about the article I posted. Thank you.

    1. As I said, I cannot verify what is posted on Forex Peace Army, but despite this I see fake reviews there. The guy talking about withdrawing $10 and then $50 to his bank account must be lying, because bank wire withdrawals have always been subject to a $50 fee minimum with IQ Option (e-wallets withdrawals are free). Then the guy talking about a boiler room, I don’t believe it is true, this was/is the practice of almost every other broker, but IQ Option was never known for calling people. Or the person talking about being asked for more deposits to get a withdrawal… These are practices of unregulated brokers and some other regulated in the past. I can tell you that IQ Option is the most strict binary options broker that I have ever seen when it comes to abiding to laws and rules.

      Concerning your article, I don’t think binary options are going away, they are here to stay. Maybe not as present as they used to be, but if it can work with the regulation in the US, it can work anywhere. The problem is that EU regulators were way too slow in dealing with binary options when they first appeared on the market. For example to this date the UK still doesn’t have the law to regulate binary options as investments. So this hole has been abused by scammers. And regulators are now waking up, but overreacting. If somebody kills someone with a knife, you don’t ban knives, you put in jail the guy who did it. Yet some regulators are trying to ban knives. Nonsense… If they want to ban binary options, they should ban Forex, CFD, stocks and commodity trading too, because the basic principle is always the same, you speculate about the future price evolution of an asset. That’s all.

  7. Ok, of course anyone could have his opinion. May I think yours is influenced because you’re affiliate with them? It’s business, why not to admit it? It’s not a crime!
    About Forexpeacearmy: it’s honest and you should visit them more frequently. There are good reviews (very suspicious) and bad reviews. But obviously you don’t want to read them…try to check any other broker (forex or BO) and you will find that the most serious reply to people’s complaints. What does it mean? That serious brokers reply, Iqoption never replied. Have you seen this:
    “July 2017: There is an FPA Traders Court guilty vote against this company. The FPA recommends caution dealing with IQ Option unless this issue can be resolved.”
    About Iqoption regulation: I never said it’s unregulated (read carefully ma email), but maybe you don’t know that a regulation with Cysec is a little cost for a broker: only 20.000 euros.
    Anyway, I talked about Iqoption, but all the BO industry is going to the end. Sorry if I’m long but try to read the article I take from an italian website. I translate with google, so I apologize if something is not clear.
    “The iFX Expo is one of the most important events organized in trading. This year the event took place in Cyprus. And just in this event there was a statement from CySEC that really did argue: “We are considering the possibility of banning the binary options, but we’re still going through a consultation phase.”
    Demetra Kalogerou, president of CySEC, did not use so many words to say that binary options can be banned once and for all.
    For some years now, CySEC and other regulators have tightened laws governing forex and binary trading, in response to innumerable allegations of fraud from corrupt customers. In the field of trading, it is no coincidence that there are several cases of people who have been seen to be cheating by brokers, and there are as many cases of brokers that eventually turned out to be skilled swindlers. Not even the changes made to the regulations have served much since the attempt to make the MiFID directive even more restrictive is not leaving much to the road.
    But what consequences would it be good for us to expect if the binary options actually left the market? If CySEC decides to take this road, then there would be serious consequences for trading in the broader sense, except for countries such as Italy, where binary options represent a widespread practice.
    In other states like Belgium and France, however, it would change very little since these countries have already banned all markets over the counter, including forex. In this direction, Canada and Holland are also moving, currently uniform on the road to the ban on any form of advertising made against binary options. Israel instead wants to use the hard punch: the Israeli Securities Authority (ISA) has issued a bill aimed at eradicating in all and all binary options in the country.
    In short, there is a real global war against this form of trading, so many ask simply to review the rules more restrictively (as it applies to the American CFTC) instead of erasing everything from today Tomorrow. Indeed, in the USA, the introduction of stricter laws has led to radical change, with only two binary options brokers on the market and with fraud cases that are essentially halved.
    Well, I know it’s a big matter, not only regarding Iqoption. Sorry again for this long post.

    1. I don’t really see what is your point. We have reviewed and warned against more than 600 binary options scams. To my knowledge we are the only website that expose scams. Other so called review websites expose only some and recommend others. Every review takes some time to make, it is at least one hour of research, then you have to write it and publish it. Then you also pay for the domain and hosting. Yet we only say that if you are intersted in trading, try a FREE demo account. So no direct income here. True, if somebody then decides to switch from the demo to a real account, we might get something from it. But I think this way it is only fair because of the amount of work we put into this website that helps people not to get scammed. And we recommend the free IQ Option demo, so as you can see, the primary reason is not money. Show me another regulated broker with an unlimited free demo account with a solid reputation. And again, I cannot take into account what is said on FPA, because I cannot verify it. I honestly say that we have not received a single complaint about IQ Option.

      1. Maybe you have not received a single complaint, but there are complaints, and you are not the only binary option review website, there are plenty of others out there. Even if they only give a partial review, I have found others that do full reviews, also, at this point you still have not answer Rilu question whether you are an affiliate or not. I too find you suspisicious, bec you have not answered this one question from the beginning.

        1. I can only repeat and encourage anybody, if you have any proofs about any wrongdoing of IQ Option, send them to us or post them here, we will investigate it. Concerning Rilu, I fully answered in my comment (August 4, 2017 at 5:47 am)

  8. Hello everyone. I think Mr. John should check his preferred broker…I understand that he’s an affiliate, but honestly should have red the Forexpeacearmy review:
    Please, guys, read carefully the REAL review on the above link and think before to invest with this broker.

    John says: “IQ Option is one of the best brokers we know of. It offers a completely free and unlimited demo account, it has the best trading platform and feedback we get about this broker is very good.”

    Well, the truth is coming out: they manipulate prices placing bets against winning traders or against big bets; OTC market is completely unregulated; the demo account has nothing to do with REAL accounts; the platform is completely different from the real you can find on; feedbacks are all fakes as the owners are rich russian able to manipulate the web that you can imagine; finally, there is no protection of 20.000 euros.

    Honestly, we could say they are very near to be considered scam. But, guys, let’s time do the right job and you will see how this “honest” broker will end up.

    1. Rilu, you are not saying the truth. First of all IQ Option is regulated by the CySEC, which regulates all types of trading, including OTC. There is a lot of Forex brokers using the OTC model for years, there is nothing strange about it. Of course, it can be manipulated, but then again any broker business model can be manipulated. It is not about the model, it is about the company. Another lie you say is about the protection. Money on a trading account with IQ Option IS INSURED up to 20.000 euros, it is the law! (

      Another lie from you about the demo. The demo IS THE SAME as the real trading platform. Or show me a video with a different demo and live account on the same screen. The only difference between the demo and the real account is that on the real account the execution of trades might be slightly different due to the liquidity. But then again, it applies to all brokers from all over the world, it is absolutely normal.

      Now concerning Forex Peace Army. We have no means to verify if reviews on that website are real or not. But Forex Peace Army doesn’t have the best reputation, some brokers are claiming that they have been blackmailed by FPA (for example: So we base our recommendations purely on our experience and on feedback from other traders that we can verify. This is why when somebody complains or says something extremely positive about a broker or any other company, we ask for details and proofs. We are in the binary options field for more than 4 years and based on our experience I stand by our statement that IQ Option is one of the best binary options brokers that we know.

      If you have any proofs about any wrongdoing from IQ Option, please send them to us, we would like to see them. We can then eventually correct our opinion and recommendations.

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