IT’S A SCAM: Cash Club Millionaire review

websiteThis Cash Club Millionaire review is a scam warning, stay away from this binary options trading program.

The Cash Club Millionaire is a fully automated software that can trade binary options for you. According to the presentation the software can make you thousands of dollars per day completely on autopilot. And it should happen within a few days.

And because money is usually free (right?), Cash Club Millionaire is free.

Cash Club Millionaire scam

faqsIf you think that somebody will give you a money making program for free, you’d better think again. Cash Club Millionaire is a scam that will do the exact opposite, it will lose your money.

First of all it is impossible to make thousands of dollars per day within a few days when you start with a $250 deposit. It is just IMPOSSIBLE. You have also this fake counter of free spots remaining and of the time left to sign up. Reload the page and you’ll see the counter back up.


testimonialsCash Club Millionaire also uses fake testimonials. Look at the picture on the right, they used random photos of people from all over the Internet.

People on these photos have no idea that their identity got abused by scammers for the purpose of fake testimonials.

How it really works

cash-club-millionaire-softwareHere is how Cash Club Millionaire really works. People who created are affiliated with some unregulated brokers. They will get paid for every new depositor they can refer to these brokers.

So they made up a story about free money making software that you will get if you sign up and deposit with their broker. This is also why they won’t let you try their software until you deposit, because it is the moment they earn a commission.

If you deposit money and let Cash Club Millionaire trade for you, you will lose everything. End of a sad story.


Let’s conclude this Cash Club Millionaire review by saying that it is a scam designed to lose your money with a crappy software.

Don’t use anonymous software to trade binary option, you can make money in trading only with a proven strategy that you can build and verify on a free demo account.

Free money making system do not exist, they are all scams.

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