John Kane from Binary Today is a scammer!

We are getting a lot of questions about John Kane, Binary Today, Binary5, Binary Today 5, Binary Strategy, Binary Today Trader, Binary Ascend, Binary Brain Wave and Binary Options Bullet. So here is a review.

John Kane

john-kaneJohn Kane runs the website Binary Today and present himself as a 35 year old guy from Canada. He allegedly used to work for an IT Sales company, but then he became a binary options trader.

He created his website to share his experience with other people, but in fact he uses it to promote his trading software that he sells.

But John Kane is a scammer. Look at the picture, on his website he provides a photo and says that it is him in the past. But it is a stock photo! So if he is lying about his identity, he is a scammer and we don’t have any reason to believe in anything he says.


brokersAnother reason not to trust Kane is his binary options brokers list. Among his recommended brokers you will find unregulated companies only! Meanwhile he also recommends CTOption for US traders, which is illegal, because CTOption have not an US Licence.

Unregulated brokers cannot legally offer binary options trading in most western countries. Moreover you have no protection with unregulated brokers, your funds are not insured, funds are not on segregated accounts, there is no independent supervision, etc.

Kane’s list of recommended brokers is rather a list of companies that you should avoid.

Binary 5, Binary Today Trader, Binary Ascend, Binary Brain Wave and Binary Options Bullet

The most interesting part of the Binary Today website is about trading systems that provide trading signals. There are six programs in total: Binary Today, Binary 5, Binary Today 5, Binary Strategy, Binary Today Trader, Binary Ascend, Binary Brain Wave and Binary Options Bullet.

When you study them closely, you will find out that they are more or less the same. Every time you will have to buy a script for Metatrader that will give you trading signals on different time frames. We are pretty sure that it is always the same basic script with just a few details changed, the main one being the time frame for trading signals.

incomeWebsites of all these trading programs have the same main structure and it is obvious that they have all been made by Kane. Yet he have no problems with publishing reviews of his own products…

Now the basic question that you should ask yourself is: If you have 6 highly profitable trading systems, why would you sell them to the public? First of all with 6 binary options trading systems with a win ratio between 70 % and 95 % Kane should already be a millionaire.

Yet his (fictitious) income presented on his website has evolved in two years from 12 thousand to 19 thousand dollars. Something is wrong here…


binary5Let’s have an even closer look at one of the Kane’s trading systems – Binary5 (Binary Today 5). It is an obvious scam.

Why? Because at one place it says that it has a “guaranteed 81 % win rate”, meanwhile in the Risk Disclaimer you can read that there are no guarantees and that you can lose everything with his software.

This is the typical scam element, the presentation claims that there are guarantees, but the small letters at the bottom of the page admit there is actually none and that you can in fact lose money.


John Kane is an obvious scammer and therefore we do not recommend buying any of his trading systems: Binary 5, Binary Today 5, Binary Strategy, Binary Today Trader, Binary Ascend, Binary Brain Wave and Binary Options Bullet.

In any case you would have to pay upfront for something that you could not verify on an independent free demo account, which something you should always do.

Never invest real money with any system that you could not verify on a true demo.

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43 thoughts on “John Kane from Binary Today is a scammer!

  1. I am not over this John Kane forex scam and going to find out what he is up to now.

    Many will agree, once a scammer then always a scammer.

    Anyone else still recovering from this John Kane forex marketing scam or know anything more about the guy?

      1. Myself and a former forensic science technician started a site dedicated toward tracking this guy down and prosecuting him. We have already gathered some interesting information so anything you guys can submit will be helpful!

  2. Hi , John Novak , what is your view on RAPID TREND GAINER Signal Software by Karl Dittman ?

    per adesso in tutte le recensioni che cerco sulle opzioni binarie trovo solo truffe o quasi
    penso che non esiste possibilta’ se non quella di crearsi un EA DA UN PROGRAMMATORE professionista,
    quelli che ti vendono un programma e’ falso , perche’ se io avessi un programma che mi fa fare soldi non lo venderei , semmai lo affitterei , ma a parecchi $ ,
    che pensi ,vero o falso?

  4. John Kane is an idiot that can not answer even the simplest question (or does not want to). Same goes for the support behind the Binary Strategy and Binary whatever. Same stupid answers saying nothing at all. They just want your money. Thanks for warning me.

  5. John, would you mind giving some thoughts about EFC Indicator and Trading Strategy Guides.I appreciate your reviews and comments.Thanks.

    1. An indicator that “can easily make you $5,000 per month” costs $99? Think of it, it makes no sense.

  6. Hi, I’m a real person, and have been trading binary options for several years, the best 3 systems so far are Binary5 for 5 minutes trades, Binary Today Trader for 15, 30, 60 minutes trades, and Binary IQ for 5 and 15 minute trades. All 3 systems are giving me 70% or better win rates, it varies month to month. Now I don’t know who John Kane is and I frankly don’t care , all I know is these trading signals work great. These systems are software that give signals and you have to manually place these trades, they are not robots on auto pilot. IMO anyone calling these 3 systems a scam have not tried them out, or do not trade them correctly. I have nothing to gain here, so take it anyway you want.

    1. Thank You!. A real trader that actaully knows that B5, BTT, and BIQ or Binary Stategy is the best BO softwares out period!. John Kane is a successful day trader that runs a BO community site educating people on Binary options and how to successfully trade. He does reviews on many brokers and softwares. He promotes great systems like B5, BTT, and BIQ on his site. He also does live trade videos showing exactly how he wins his trades using those systems. and every month comes out with a income report again showing how much success he had with those systems. I personally have success with all those systems. NO way John or these systems are crap


    1. I been a member of Binary Today for over 2 years now. The John Kane I know and have communicated with is far from a scammer. I have invested in his trading softwares and used his trading strategies. All bonafide. Binary 5, BTT, and the killer Binary strategy are all great systems delivering great ITM for me and the other people I know who trades using these systems and follow John Kane. There are literally THOUSANDS of people, old young, beginner to novice , who lives have changed trading Binary options thanks to John Kane and the community.

      1. I think testimonials from other people in this discussion who lost money with Kane’s products prove our review to be right.

  8. Anyone tested the signals software named “auto binary signals”?it’s worth to use or also a scam?

  9. I purchased ForexSteam through I have had pretty good results so far and have added it on a cent and live account. I bought this EA because it had LIVE results on I posted a question about ForexFury because I noticed that there was no live results just DEMO accounts. I posted a question asking if anyone could share their live performance results. My comment was never posted. So yes he does screen the comments. I wouldn’t call it a scam because I think Forex Steam is profitable in the long term. I’ve been running it for a month and only had 1 bad trade. Thinking about getting Binary IQ from I’ll update my results if I decide to purchase this.

    1. Either you are John Kane promoting your many “profitable” trading systems here, or I don’t know. You say that you are making money with Forex Steam, yet you are thinkink of buying another system? If Forex Steam worked as promised, you would become a millionaire within one year with a small starting capital. Does anybody really believe that John Kane has a dozen of trading system and each one can make you a millionaire for roughly 100 bucks? He would be the biggest star on Wall Street, yet he uses a fake name and hides. Come on…

      1. Sorry you feel that way I am a real person sharing my opinion. I thought my take on it was very believable and honest. You interpret how you wanted to. I said I’ve only been running it for a month on a cent and live account with one bad trade. I was thinking about purchasing the Binary Options EA called Binary IQ (noticed he changed the name). Forex Steam does not claim to make a million dollars in a year. Maybe you should try it for yourself then post some real stats! I’ll be back, I started my own for ForexSteam or maybe I’ll create my own website and share REAL REVIEWS! I’ll be sure to share it here if I’m allowed. Thought it would help others looking to buy from either one of the websites. Sometimes you have to dive in and see what happens. Scared money don’t make money.

        1. Forex Steam shows alleged results with roughly 200 pips a month. If that was true, it would mean $2,000 per month with just one standard lot per trade. With a typical stop loss at 20 pips you would be risking $200 per trade, which means that you would need $4,000 on your account to keep your risk at 5 %. All this would mean that you can make 50 % every month on your capital. If that was true, Forex Steam would be the most popular trading robot in the world and you would find articles about it everywhere in trading magazines. And again, a robot that can make you thousands of dollars with a low deposit costs $170 lifetime? A robot that can make you $200,000 per month with 100 lots traded per trade, a robot that can make you a millionaire within 6 months? A robot able to make 50 % on your capital per month would cost millions of dollars and not be sold for $170 by a known scammer that hides behind a fake name John Kane. John Kane would already be a billionaire with all the systems he sells. A billionaire that sells trading systems for $170? Don’t make me laugh 😀 😀 😀

  10. I was using Binary 5 from John Kane and lost $12200 in 1 day! I was very sad and told about this to John Kane but he was not kind with me and told me go to fuck. I m so sad and I do not know what to do. Someone can help me?

  11. ive been looking for weeks for a reliable signal,robot provider every time i think i found one i read dont trust this scammer .so who can we trust,sounds like trading is bullshit

  12. Hello,

    I was seriously considering purchasing the binary five software system after reading John Kane s review on his website. However, I then read about him and his software here, and have changed my mind now, thankfully to those who have warned us after using his recommended software systems.

    Therefore, now I would like to know and ask others here, if they could help me, by recommending a good binary options signals software .any recommendations please on which signals software system. , I should invest in for binary options trading?

    Thanks kindly,

    Yahya Jeebhai
    P.s., please send me any of your recommendations by email to:

    Thanks greatly friends.

    1. Hi, I believe that all binary options auto traders are scams. Also I haven’t seen a single profitable signals service. Certainly not in the public domain. If profitable binary options robot exist, they are certainly not free, the price would have to be in thousands of dollars. Therefore it is better to concentrate on learning and testing, you can find your own way and build your own profitable strategy.

  13. Binary5 is a total scam. I tried it for a week and I lost $1000.00 trading the signals. It is not a good product I am sorry I wasted my money on this product and lost all my money trading garbage signals. I would have done much better by guessing the signals on my own. I am very disappointed I am scared to continue using the software because I do not want to lose more money.

  14. John Kane is or whoever this guy may be is full of shit I like Binary Today Trader I bought Binary 5 and it sucks!!! I made a post on his site stating my results and the post was taken down quickly. He only leave posts from users and made up users about so called positive results Binary Today Trader is honestly a good system alot better than Binary 5 I’m just giving my honest review from experience. I asked for a refund and support stated they dont give out refunds smh. Anyway I wont buy another product

  15. Hello traders!

    New this site’s forums, but an experienced binary trader myself. This thread was brought to my attention from one of my readers. I was told to look into this service because someone was interested in “Binary Defender” as it appeared to be a hot new service on the web. To do my duty to my readers I started to do some research. What I found has been very interesting and thought this would be a great place to discuss what I have found as it’s a forum.

    I am not making any specific claims or accusations. I will only state facts and let you make your own decision from the evidence I have found.

    First, let’s take a look at the server all of these website are located on. It appears that we have 12 different domains on this BlueHost dedicated server (or have been on this server). The list follows:

    3. (specific to this thread)
    5. (owned by “John Kane” as lotzofbotz mentioned)
    7. (owned by “John Kane” as lotzofbotz mentioned)

    This means that one individual or entity owns or has built all of the websites listed above. This isn’t a shared hosting account or else we’d see many other domains listed.

    Now to confirm that these sites are owned by the same person/organization I decided to take a look at all of these sites. Besides the,, and all of them are related to binary and forex. To confirm the ownership I looked for similarities. To start, take a look at,, and Look at the design similarities of the website and the similar way the websites have been built. They have nearly identical themes, same wording, and basically the exact same footer (the piece of information at the bottom of the website). You may even notice all of them use “Wish List” membership software. You may go to all of the other websites and notice the same thing. Also, if you go to by the product they all direct you to “My Commerce”. From this evidence, this makes it appear to be cookie cutter websites from the same developer.

    The next way I confirmed the individual running these websites is by voice confirmation:

    1. Forex Robot Nation
    2. Binary Today
    3. Binary Defender

    The second video and third video are very incriminating. Someone from the Binary Defender YouTube channel doing a tutorial video is also the same person who reviewed it on Binary Today, who is commonly known as “John Kane”. This means “PatrickFX” from Forex Robot Nation is also “John Kane” from Binary Today.

    Next, go to and go to “My Income”. Notice that he is self promoting his own products by saying he is making massive profits from Binary Defender, Binary Brain Wave, Binary Options Bullet, Binary Ascend, Manual Trading, and Consultation. Then also notice he does an honorable mention to “Forex Fury” (again, “John Kane’s” self-made product). I personally trade day in and day out, and yet to even get close to a month with over $20,000 profits in one month (which is what he is claiming to be making).

    He is delivering a product, I have no idea if it’s actually profitable as I am not going to spend money on this person’s creations, but why do it this way? If you want to sell products you create just open up a marketplace instead of creating fake fronts for them all. This only makes the creator appear to be dishonest. Then he just negatively reviews anything that is not his (anything that is not on the list above).

    The last bit of information that confirmed by outlook on this person is watching my comments get deleted. This means this person is full of misleading marketing.

    While doing deep investigation of this individual I came to find out that his name is Patrick Ryan (hence, PatrickFX) and he is from Canada. Here is his LinkedIn account: If you have any chargebacks or charges you’d like to file against this creator, you can do so legally with the Canadian authorities.

    *My personal opinion… don’t do business with any of the websites that have been listed.*

    **Now this is a side note specifically to Patrick Ryan aka John Kane. To reverse all of these negative evidence that has been shown, solid proof needs to be provided. I only make conclusions from evidence, not opinions.**

    ***I hope this information provided assists this thread’s case!***

    1. Thank you very much I am extremely grateful for you, as I was doing my search and had an intention to buy one of those mentioned products , Forex robots like forex fury,forex stream but it appears that all are scams. I will not spend anything on these products or any forex nation robot software. I would warn anybody I can I come across with.
      My own research yielded that forex stream is a garbage scam and if it is developed by the same person then forex fury is a similar garbage.

    2. Hi guys,
      I wanted to pass this comments to all our colleagues and friends careful of any advertisement to you your research investigation and see the comments of clients customers and good website they cannot collectively be a lobby or lie to you.
      I was looking desperately for forex and binary robbers when I stumbled over Forex robots Nation and I believe them because of their performance results .
      when I decided to take actual steps and buy one of their products it was a time that I need to do the investigation. I noticed that there is just so much on some products and search I liked their first priorities like forex stream, Forex Fury and binary 5 and binary today trader. I started to investigate these on other sites. The result I came with was really disappointing for me as well as astonishing I found out that forex scene was a scam and subsequently all the others the first result was from Forex peace Army then some other honorable sites including this.look carefully at the review of Kote Mone,
      I hope we can come across a real EA and robots developed by real genuine and honest people.
      Max ShatrinSh

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