JUST ANOTHER SCAM: Easy Autotrading review

This review shows that Easy Autotrading is just another scam robot that is here to lose your money.

According to its presentation, Easy Autotrading is a software designed for beginners and it has a high probability of gain. It is made to trade binary options.

And because Easy Autotrading is free, you can allegedly make money for free.

Easy Autotrading scam

The truth is that Easy Autotrading is just another robot based on the White Label Robot, which is a scam software.

This software is used by a lot of binary options scam robots, like Option Robot, FX News Robot or Automated Financial Markets. Look at the picture and you will see a proof.

The worst thing about this robot is that it provides its users with a fake demo. The demo fake results and generates a lot of profits that would not happen in trading based on real market prices.

So it can easily mislead people and make them believe that Easy Autotrading is a profitable software, but it is not! In real trading it loses money.

We have proven that in our reviews of other scams based on this software.

The truth

So how does Easy Autotrading really work? It is very simple, it is designed to earn affiliate commissions to people who run this program. They are paid by their partner brokers for referring new depositors.

So they need you to deposit in order to earn their commission. And they use lies to convince you to do so, including fake demo results.


Easy Autotrading is a scam robot that shows fake demo results, in reality it loses money. Stay away from it.

Try a genuine free demo with a regulated broker to see how money can really be made in binary options trading.

Use the demo to learn to trade with consistent profits. Only then you can invest real money.

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