KayaFX blacklisted by the FCA

British Financial Conduct Authority has warned the public about the broker KayaFX.

KayaFX is a broker that offers trading with currencies, cryptocurrencies, stocks and indices via CFD.

The broker is based in Talinn, Estonia. However, it is targeting customers abroad, in Great Britain among other countries.

But the FCA has warned that KayaFX has no authorization to provide investment services, it is a broker that is not regulated.

If you are interested in trading currencies, cryptocurrencies or other assets, use a regulated broker.

4 thoughts on “KayaFX blacklisted by the FCA

  1. At Kaya, you first make good profits, then they call you about an event or something big in the market, etc. They urge you to invest more and more, but you’ll never be able to withdraw any of that money, they try to talk you out of it because you would loose money. If this doesnt works, they get rude and afterwards, if they think that there is nothing left to steal, they set negative trades and you can see how the money goes down until nothing is left in the account. The Kaya Site is probably just a demo to hide your money being stolen the minute you transfer it.

    1. Yep, that’s how these scams operate, all the numbers are fictitious. First they show you fake profits, sometimes they will even let you withdraw a small amount just to persuade you to deposit a lot more with the aim to make a lot more. As you say, once they realize there is nothing left to steal from you, everything is over and you will never see your money again.

    2. Yes, exactly. I had the same experience. Hands off. Everything is a big scam, a fake !!!

  2. Is there any way to seek comeback or authority you can report to if one has been scammed by KAYAfx?

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