KILLER SCAM: Adcode review

Read our Adcode review to see that this money-making program is a total scam.

ReviewAdcode is presented as an online advertising solution that will allow you to invest into banner advertising and make money. How much? They say that you can earn as much as 5000 dollars per day, which is insane.

Rob Goldman, who is the creator Adcode, will give you access to his system for free. Can you believe it? Well, you shouldn’t, because…

Adcode is a scam

Unfortunately, Adcode is just one of many scams that are trying to sell this idea of making money by buying banners. It is like saying that you can make money by buying ads on TV. You could, if you had a product to sell. Or if you had a TV station that can sell advertisement time.

With banners, it is exactly the same. Do you have a product that you need to sell through banner advertising or do you have a website that gets a decent amount of visitors so that you can sell space for banners to advertisers? If the answers to both these questions are no, then you cannot make money with banners.

Even if you responded yes, you still could not make money with Adcode, because it is a scam that does no real advertising, just stealing money from people.

Rob Goldman is a scammer

Rob GoldmanThe Adcode’s video is pretty long and Goldman tells an interesting story, the problem is that it is fake. He shows photos of him and his wife, but they are fake.

As you can see on our picture, these photos belong to a man named Nick Wharton who runs a blog about travelling and has nothing to do with this Adcode scam.

Adcode reviews

TestimonialsAnother fake thing on the website are the Adcode reviews from alleged users. All people you see in the video are amateur actors who lie for money in front of the camera.

Check our picture on the right to see a proof, this woman is a Fiverr actress and this is not her first scam, we’ve already seen her in Digital Payday.

Adsbanc to take your money

Adsbanc reviewAll Adcode will do is to send you to Adsbanc, which is the main scam that will steal your money. It is a fake advertisement service that will continue to feed you this lie about making money by buying banners.

Adsbanc was created in March 2019, so it is only a few months old. Yet its website features Adsbanc reviews and testimonials from January 2019 or even December 2018, which proves that it is a scam.

Adcode review conclusion

Adcode is a scam that works with the Adsbanc scam to take your money, stay away from them!

Investing in banners in not an option, if you want to try real investing, start on a free demo with a regulated broker.

Use the demo to learn to trade profitably and to build an understanding of what would be the risks of trading with real money.

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  1. I ‘ve been scammed by AdsBanc a few months ago. They asked me by phone to do a deposit of 250€. They started trading and it looked very good for me. The results were fantastic so I did another deposit of 500€. The moment I wanted a withdrawal suddenly I couldn’t reach anybody no more. I tried about 50 times. The only answer was they needed to wait for the agreement of the Financial Department but it never came so far! So I lost 750€! I’m retired and with the paiments of the government I just can pay my bills and food. It was a big shock for me to loose that 750€ ! I don’t understand those people can sleep well ! Nice job they have!

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