LAZY SCAM: Bittoch review

Bittoch ICOThis review explains that Bittoch is a cryptocurrency scam that is going to collapse and lose money to everybody involved.

Bittoch is a new project, currently it is running an ICO (Inital Coin Offering). The main features of the platform will be lending, trading, staking, mining and referring new users.

The most important feature is the lending program that will allegedly be able to make you up to 60% per month on your investment.

So, is Bittoch a legit investment opportunity?

Bittoch scam

FeaturesUnfortunately, Bittoch is just another crypto lending scam, it is a copy of Bitconnect that already failed and lost a lot of money.

The basic principle is very simple, you will have to buy the Bittoch coin (BTH) in order to be able to participate in the program. And you will have to pay for it with a legit cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Then you will be “lending” your Bittoch coins and maybe getting paid for some short time. The profits will be taken from newer deposits, because Bittoch is a Ponzi scam, there is no real activity going on, like trading or mining.

Investment plansIt is clear that with such schemes there will always be the day when there is not enough new deposits to cover withdrawals. At that moment Bittoch will collapse and you will lose money. You will be left with a useless and worthless Bittoch coin, meanwhile owners of the program will run away with the money you paid them.

This exactly how Bitconnect ended and how Bittoch and other similar crypto lending scams will end too, it’s given by their nature.

Remember that Bittoch is totally anonymous and an illegal investment service, it has no licence whatsoever!


Bittoch is a cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme, it is going to fail, so stay away!

If you want to try to make money with cryptocurrencies, do it on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

On the demo you will see what it takes to trade profitably.

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