Limitless Profits is a binary options scam

This review is about a binary options scam called „Limitless Profits“. It is presented by Roger Clifford.

Clifford claims to have a binary options trading software that can make you millionaire in 30 days. It allegedly is designed for and used by big corporations, but now you have the opportunity to get free access to it.

Clifford says that he is able to make profits between 2 % and 3000 % every day.

Limitless Profits is an ordinary scam

We are dealing here with a typical binary options scam designed to take your money. The truth is that Clifford is affiliated with a broker, so he will get paid for every new depositor he can refer.

So he made up his story about Limitless Profits just to persuade you to go to his broker, open an account and deposit money. His app will then lose your money, that’s all. Here are some proofs.

Roger Clifford

Roger CliffordClifford is in fact a fictitious character, he is played by an actor who already acted in several binary options scams.

We’ve seen him in the AlgoCash Master scam and Certified Profits scam for example. Each time under a different name.

So you see that his story is just a big fat lie.


TestimonialsThe same goes for Limitless Profits testimonials. They were shot with paid actors, some of them are from Fiverr, see the image on the right.

And we’ve seen some of these actors play in other binary options scams, like Profits Unlimited.

Account statements

Account statementAnother proof of scam: look closely at the bank account statement that Clifford shows several times in his video.

As you can see, dates do not match, today is in January and February at the same time.

It means that this statement is a fake, they just forgot to edit everything correctly.


Limitless Profits is just another binary options scam that wants you to deposit and lose money.

The reality is that making money on binary options takes learning, testing and building a profitable strategy on a free demo account. So if you are interested in seeing how it works, try the demo.

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