London Option Exchange, FXLeader and Spot2Trade on FCA’s black list

The Financial Conduct Authority from the UK has warned against three brokers.

The latest additions to the black list are FXLeader (Forex), London Option Exchange and Spot2Trade (both binary options brokers).

These three brokers are allegedly based in the UK, however they have no authorization from the FCA to provide investment services.

Since the beginning of this year not only Forex, but also binary options brokers based in the UK needs a licence.

For trading use licensed brokers only.

4 thoughts on “London Option Exchange, FXLeader and Spot2Trade on FCA’s black list

  1. hi, I need a full step by step guide on how to get my initial investment back from FXLeader. a lot of companies are around claiming they can assist but after filling complaints and giving my contact details I still await their reply. I have invested 3000usd(R41000). now I face being evicted from our rental home, we have a 4month old baby daughter and we have spend all our savings, our last cent on this. We are frustrated and sad for being scammed out of our hard earned money. Please help us.

    1. Hi, if you made your deposit(s) with a credit or debit card, ask your bank for a chargeback. Otherwise it will be difficult to get your money back, you can contact the national financial regulator in your country and ask for advice.

  2. London Option Exchange staff are silver tongued crooks; wolves in sheep’s clothing. Do not invest with them. They are that breed of investment broker which has a poster of The Wolf of Wall Street above their bed…..utter business psychopaths who swindled me out of £15,000.

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