LOSING SCAM: Bitcoin Hero review

Be careful and read our Bitcoin Hero review to understand why you have to stay away from this investment program.

Bitcoin Hero reviewBitcoin Hero offers a trading solution for the cryptocurrency bitcoin. It is an automated software that allegedly can make you up to $10,000 per month on autopilot, for free.

Does it sound tempting? Sure, but it is also impossible.

Bitcoin Hero scam

Bitcoin Hero scamIf you believe that somebody will be making you thousands of dollars per month for free, you are in serious trouble, because you are an easy target for scammers.

Bitcoin Hero is of course a scam, an infamous one that we have seen many times. It is a copy of a scam that has been around under names like Libra Profit System, Digital Revolution or Bitcoin Superstar. Just see our picture for a proof.

This is not the first and unfortunately probably also not the last version of this crypto scam that abuses cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Hero reviews

Bitcoin Hero testimonialThe usual trick that scammers use to persuade people are Bitcoin Hero testimonials on their website. There you will find stories of people who are making decent money with the system, but… they all are fake.

You can see on our picture that these people are not real clients, they are displaying stock photos together with fake stories. No real reviews there.

How the scam works

The modus operandi of the Bitcoin Hero scam is pretty simple. They say the program is free, but it is a lie. When you sign up, they will immediately force you to deposit money with a shady broker they have partnered with.

They will say that you need to deposit to start earning, but in reality they will just take your money and keep it. Their software will then make it look like you lost everything in trading.

Bitcoin Hero review conclusion

Bitcoin Hero is a dirty scam, it cannot earn you any money, it was designed to rob you, stay away from it!

If you want to make money in crypto trading, start learning on a free demo with a regulated broker.

Until you have a good strategy and a solid understanding of the risks it doesn’t make sense to trade with real money.

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