LOSING SCAM: Bitcoin Superstar review

Read our Bitcoin Superstar review to see proofs that this program is a scam.

Bitcoin Superstar reviewBitcoin Superstar is presented as a group of traders that make money with cryptocurrencies. Their trading system allegedly wins 99.4% of all trades, which makes it highly profitable.

Bitcoin Superstar supposedly will make you 13 thousand dollars within the first 24 hours. Now that you can get your membership for free, do you have anything to lose? Unfortunately, yes.

Bitcoin Superstar scam

The truth is that Bitcoin Superstar is an ordinary crypto scam that won’t earn you any money. It was designed to do contrary, it will lose your money.

Bitcoin Superstar reviews

The first fake thing we noticed on the website of the program are celebrities’ endorsements. In reality nobody, let alone anybody famous, has endorsed Bitcoin Superstar, because it is a scam.

You might find articles about the program that look like genuine articles from prestigious media, but they all are fake.

Bitcoin Superstar testimonial

Bitcoin Superstar testimonialScammers also faked all their Bitcoin Superstar testimonials with their alleged clients. All the stories about earnings are made up.

As you can see on our picture, they used stock photos to portray their customers, so it is not real.

Copied scam

Bitcoin Superstar scamFor those of you who are familiar with crypto scams, you might have recognized the similarities between Bitcoin Superstar and other fraudulent projects.

Indeed, it’s because this program is a copy of other scams like Bitcoin Era, Bitcoin Revival and Libra Profit System. Our picture on the right says it all.

Treacherous trading platform

ComplaintsThe most dangerous aspect of the Bitcoin Superstar scam is the trading platform. Because it offers a demo mode which generates a lot of profits, but they are fake. Unexperienced people might fall into this trap and think that the software is profitable, but it is not!

Check our picture of the platform. The first thing you should notice is that it shows the bitcoin price at more than 12 thousand dollars, meanwhile the real price is around 10 thousand.

The second thing is that the software doubles the investment amounts within just a few seconds and tiny price movements. Which of course is impossible in real trading.

This proves beyond any doubt that Bitcoin Superstar is a scam.

How they scam you

The purpose of the fake demo that we have just described is to make you believe that the software is profitable. Then they will tell you that you have to deposit money with a certain broker, so that the software can make you real money.

And this is the trap, they will send you to a shady unregulated broker that will take your money and keep it. This is how they get your money.

Bitcoin Superstar conclusion

Bitcoin Superstar is a dirty scam with a demo that is faking results. In reality it is a losing app, stay away from it!

If you want to really try crypto trading, do it on a free demo with a regulated broker, so that you know that testing results are representative.

Before eventually passing to real trading, you have to have your strategy ready and understand the risks.

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