LOST SCAM: FixeDay review

FixeDay official webThis review is a warning against FixeDay, which is an investment scam.

FixeDay says that it is an investment platform registered in the UK. Their team allegedly trades cryptocurrencies and currencies, which allows them to make big profits.

The investment plans offer up to 500% after 15 days, which means 1000% per month and 33,3% per day. Is it really possible?

FixeDay scam

Investment PackagesNo, 1000% per month is not possible, FixeDay is a scam. It is an illegal financial game based on the infamous Ponzi scheme. This means that money from new deposits is used to pay some profits at the beginning with the aim of attracting more people to the system.

Once the owners decide they have enough, they will close the website down and run away with all the money. This is how all these scams end.

Fake company

Not licensedFixeDay displays a company registration from the UK to prove its legitimacy. But it proves nothing, a tax registration is something that almost anybody can get.

What would really prove its legitimacy, is an authorization to provide investment services from the Financial Conduct Authority. But as you can see on our picture, FixeDay is not registered with the FCA, therefore it is an illegal investment scheme.


FixeDay is a scam that will accumulate money from people and then collapse. Stay away from it!

If you really want to make money in trading, first try a free demo with a regulated broker to see how everything works.

You will need to understand the risks and build a profitable strategy, if you want to later switch to real money trading.

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  1. I’m sorry, these guys are scam, no longer respond to e-mail if you sign up again with new account, everything works fine, then when they have to pay lock accounts, are to report to the interpol, scam scam turned away, we wrote both at the chat, email and facebook, we lost $ 130

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