LOUSY SCAM: Dubai Lifestyle App – review

dubai lifestyle appThis review of Dubai Lifestyle App contains proofs that this program is a scam that abuses binary options. It is presented by Scott Hathaway.

In the presentation video you can hear that Dubai has released a trading app that makes a lot of money on financial markets. It allegedly makes $7,000 every day to every user, because it has a 99.8% accuracy. It was developed by Hathaway and financed by Mahmood Brothers from Dubai.

And although the development of the Dubai Lifestyle App cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, you can get it for free. Pretty logical, isn’t it?

Dubai Lifestyle App scam

scott hathawayLet’s be clear, Scott Hathaway is a scammer and Dubai Lifestyle App is a scam. In fact Hathaway does not even exist, it is a fictitious character created by scammers.

Look at the picture, they used a stock photo, Hathaway is not real. So everything you can hear in the video are lies.


testimonialLet’s go on with testimonials. In the video you can see some people telling how Dubai Lifestyle App is great and how much money they are making with it.

But they are fake. These people are paid actors from Fiverr that have not even seen this app. Look at the picture on the right to see a proof.

The software

dubailifestyle-softwareWe have also checked the Dubai Lifestyle App to see how it looks like. And we could see that it is an app used by several binary options scams.

Check the picture on the right and you’ll see some other scams that use this same software, like Confirmed Profits and Profit Maximizer.

This app is losing money, it has no real edge in the markets.

How it works

So now let’s us explain how does Dubai Lifestyle App work. Its only purpose is to send new depositors to the broker Opteck. Because creators of this scam are affiliated with Opteck and get paid for referring new traders.

So they want you to believe that their app can make you money, because if you do and open an account and deposit with their broker, they will earn an affiliate commission. Meanwhile their crappy software will then lose your money in trading.

This is why you won’t be allowed to try the app until you deposit at least $250.


Let’s close this Dubai Lifestyle App review by emphasizing that it is a scam that will lose your money if you use it.

Binary options work in a different way. In order to make real money you have to start on a free demo account, learn how to trade and build a profitable strategy.

Only then you can start investing real money for real profits.

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  1. I created an account there right now, how can I delete it? I didn’t give any credit card codes, my account is not active by the way

    1. Hi, they can’t take your money, but I would expect that they will contact you and try to persuade you to deposit. You can ask for your account to be cancelled, but scammers often keep just bombarding you with spam.

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