LOUSY SCAM: EUxit review

websiteIn this review we show that EUxit is just another scam that abuses binary options. It is presented by David McNeal.

McNeal says that he is a former university professor and a trader. He automated his trading strategy into the EUxit software.

McNeal says that you can take profit of Brexit in trading binary options and that you don’t need any experience, because his software can trade automatically for you. He doesn’t say how much EUxit can make you, but on his page you can see some members allegedly making thousands of dollars per day.

And as every money making software EUxit is free.

EUxit scam

The story about EUxit is of course completely bogus, the only purpose of this scam is to make you send money somewhere and lose it.

David McNeal

David McNeal scammerMcNeal is a fictitious character played by an actor. This guy has supported countless binary options scams under different names, we know him very well.

Look at the picture, he is a Fiver actor, anybody can hire him to endorse anything just for five dollars.


We mentioneFake testimoniald the results of EUxit users that are shown on their website. We had a closer look at them and we can say that they are fake.

The photos are either stock or stolen from some other websites and the results are not real.

Look at the picture to see proofs.

EUxit software

Euxit softwareWe wanted to try the EUxit software, but we couldn’t as it was not available at that time.

But according to the images we’ve seen it is a recycled crappy app that is used by scammers only. It loses money to real users.

The truth

Now you might ask how does EUxit really work? What is it good for? It was designed to make you deposit money with a certain broker, because scammers are affiliated with it and will get paid for referring new clients.

This is why they tell you their bogus story, they need you to believe that they can make money so that you deposit money with their broker. But if you do it, their software will lose your money in trading.


EUxit is a very simple scam that in reality has nothing to do with trading, it is just about affiliate commissions for scammers.

If you are interested in seeing how money can really be made with binary options, try a free demo account.

There you will see what it takes to achieve real profits.

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