Lousy scam review: 97 Partners

97partnersIn this review you will learn that „97 Partners“ is a binary options scam. It has an anonymous presentation.

97Partners is a binary options trading system that can allegedly make you over $4,369 per day. There are no upfront payments, you just have to pay a 3 % fee on your earnings.

According to the presentation the 97 Partners system is risk free for you.

97Partners is a lousy scam

Here is how it works. People behind 97Partners are affiliated with a certain binary options broker that will pay them for every new depositor they can refer.

So this is how they earn money, they use lies to make people deposit money with an unregulated broker. Their trading system is in fact losing money, but it does not matter to them, because they will earn their commission on you before you notice it.


statementIn the 97Partners video you are shown some trading account screenshots, but they are fake.

Look at the example on the right, the prices of different assets are more or less the same after a month.

This proves that the balance has been faked, they just edited it.


testimonialsIn the 97 Partners presentation you can see several people endorsing this program and saying that they are making money with it.

But again, they are fake. They were made with paid actors. Look at the example on the picture, this guy is a famous scammer and Fiverr actor.

He has supported many binary options scams.


97Partners is a scam sponging on binary options. It won’t make you any money, in fact it will lose your deposit.

If you are interested in seeing how binary options trading really works and how you can make real money, try a free demo account.

There you can learn trading and build a profitable strategy.

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