LOUSY SCAM: Sowelstace Financial review

This Sowelstace Financial review explains why this program is a scam. It is presented by Jimmy Reese.

Reese claims to be the creator of the Sowelstace Financial trading software that allegedly is braking profit records on a daily basis. It allegedly can make you $1,500 per day.

And because becoming a millionaire is free nowadays, the Sowelstace Financial app is of course free.

Sowelstace Financial scam

Let’s put it straight, Sowelstace Financial is of course scam that will not make you any money, it is designed to lose your own money.

Jimmy Reese is a scammer. Sowelstace Financial is not a real company nor a brilliant trading software. So, Ryan Moore is of course a scammer too, he is not the CTO of any company.

Not registered, not regulated

The first thing you should notice is that Sowelstace Financial shows logos of the Better Business Bureau, Trustwave, McAfee and others.

But Sowelstace has no right to use these logos, it is not a BBB Accredited Business, nor it is secured or verified by other companies, we have checked it.

Fake bank account statements

Then we have these bank account statements that Reese shows you in his video. Sowelstace Financial program has been created at the end of 2016, yet he is showing you statements from 2014 and 2013.

These statements have nothing to do with this program.

Fake testimonials

All the people you can see in the Sowelstace Financial video are paid actors. They are not real traders or real users of the software. So, all the testimonials are fake.

The same applies to the testimonials shown on the webpage. Stock photos have been used, these people are not real users of this system. Moreover, you can see that they allegedly are members of the program longer that this program even exists!

Losing software

The best proof that Sowelstace Financial is a scam is in the software. It is one of the most used scam apps.

Look at the picture to see a few other binary options scams that are using this exact same software, like Prove My Profits or WikiTrader.

This software is losing money in real trading, we know it from real users!

How it really works – the truth

If you wonder why scammers give away for free a software that is losing money, it is very simple.

The software is in fact not free, you will not be allowed to use it until you deposit money with a broker that will be selected for you. And this how scammers make money, they are getting paid by this broker for referring new depositing clients.

You see, if you do it, deposit money with their broker and let Sowelstace Financial trade your account, you will lose your money.


Sowelstace Financial is a disgusting scam that is designed to lose your money, the program is not free.

No free program will make you money. If you want to be really successful with binary options, you have to learn to trade profitably. You can learn it on a free demo account. Trade with regulated brokers only.

Don’t trust anybody who promises you free money on binary options but asks you for a deposit first.

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